women counting money

Best Times To Utilize The Law Of Attraction To Manifest Money. Practical Tips.

Read some practical tips on how to use the law of attraction to manifest money.
Healing Crystal Bracelets for Manifestation.

How To Manifest With Crystals and Crystal Jewelry. A Step By Step Guide.

Do you struggle to understand how to manifest a life of pure abundance? Healing Crystal bracelets are an excellent manifestation tool that can transform your life forever, and get you...
5 best crystals for protection

5 Most Powerful Crystals For Protection & How To Use Them

With all the uncertainty, negativity, and fear roaming around the world it is very important to protect yourself from unwanted negative energy. Your aura is easily penetrated and influenced by... Read More
Learn About How Sodalite Can Help With Anxiety

Learn About How Sodalite Can Help With Anxiety

Sodalite balances your emotions to ease anxiety and panic attacks. It’s healing energy dissolves guilt, fear, and self-punishment by bridging the gap between your heart and mind and bringing clarity to...
Natural angelite crystal for healing

4 Reasons Why Angelite Is A Great Healing Crystal For Stress And Anxiety

When you tune in to the power of Angelite, you will raise your consciousness to feel loved and supported. You will know that all is going to be well. You...
Learn About How Amethyst Helps With Anxiety And Stress

Learn About How Amethyst Helps With Anxiety And Stress

Amethyst is a powerful protective stone that purifies the mind of stressful thoughts so you can find relief from anxiety and stress. It's protective and purification properties make it a...
Natural rose quartz crystal for a calm mind

How Rose Quartz Helps With Anxiety Relief

What do we need most of when we have strong negative feelings that keep our mind and body hostage and cause anxiety attacks? We need empathy, compassion, and forgiveness. We...
The 7 chakras displayed by crystals.

My Experience With Chakra Balancing

Sometime last fall, Saba (my sister and business partner) and I decided to come out with a chakra healing diffuser bracelet. This is basically a gemstone bracelet consisting of 7... Read More
What Is A Whole-Hearted Community Bracelet?

What Is A Whole-Hearted Community Bracelet?

This Whole-Hearted Community Bracelet enhances your sense of belonging, empowerment, love, and strengthens the connection with yourself, with others, and the Divine. 
How to clean, cleanse, and recharge gemstone bracelets.

How To Cleanse Crystals | Clean, Cleanse, & Charge Crystals and Crystal Jewelry

Natural gemstones can absorb the negative energy in their environment so it is important that you keep your raw crystals and crystal jewelry clean, cleansed, and charged so you can benefit...