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Best Times To Utilize The Law Of Attraction To Manifest Money. Practical Tips.

Best times to utilize the law of attraction to manifest money.

The law of attraction can be a powerful thing, and learning how to harness this power for your financial endeavors will play a major role in your success. And while the New York Times reports that many of today’s Millennials and Gen Z see manifestation as a method to receive blessings from the universe, explore your own spirituality, and test the limits of manipulating energy, there are those who view it using defective, rose-colored lenses.

If you want to know about the best times to utilize the law of attraction to manifest money and partner them with the necessary actions, keep reading our curated list of tips.


When Goal-setting

    The initial period of goal-setting and budgeting is a fantastic time to practice manifesting money; it’s a time for you to decide on what you want to achieve and envision how you’re going to achieve them.

    However, these have to come from a proper mindset. Don't start when you have conflicting thoughts, self-doubt, or feelings of desperation because these can become negative hindrances to the abundance that you’re calling to yourself.

    If you find yourself struggling to get into a positive mental space, try meditating to calm your thoughts. Alternatively, check our list of ‘55 Money Affirmations to Transform Your Finances’ to help speak out a positive frequency into existence and to reprogram your subconscious mind to adopt more empowering beliefs around your finances.

    It also helps to visualize your goals through journaling, a roadmap, or even a mood board.


    When Paying Off Debt

    Becoming debt-free is often celebrated as the first step towards financial freedom, and rightfully so. However, CNN claims that the debt of American households has climbed to a new record of $15.24 trillion this year. And there are many who are still under this financial burden. But we have to accept and trust that every decision made has served a purpose and has brought you to where you are now.

    Similarly, every decision you make from this moment on will lead you to the future you want. Your current financial situation has no meaning on your future money manifestation goals except for the meaning you give it. Choose an honest but positive perspective when you approach your current situation.

    In addition, practicing affirmations to rewrite your financial story, alongside taking inspired action, is so crucial.

    Set aside income and dedicate it to paying off debt, and don’t focus your thoughts on the money you’re losing every time. When you release money, you are making energetic space for more money to come to you. So, instead of feeling shame around your debt or the money you are releasing to pay off your debt, focus on manifesting a steady stream of income that is much higher than your expenses.

    Moreover, claim your life after debt and manifest what you want to do after achieving financial freedom, like starting a business or making investments.


    When Investing

    Many have been burned with unprofitable or failed investments, which fills them with negative thoughts. This is why manifesting is important, especially in volatile markets like that of forex and crypto. FXCM explains that forex’s volatility can be swift and dramatic, posing the risk of a rapid, significant loss. This calls for a sound strategy and a sound mind when investing.

    Similarly, investing in cryptocurrency also holds great promise, but prices can drop by greater amounts than fiat currency and without warning. In order to invest smartly, CNBC emphasizes an important piece of advice from financial experts: Only invest what you can afford to lose.

    That said, investing can give your money purpose and bring your money manifestation goals to life. After all, money is energy, and manifesting money only works if you give the energy intention and purpose. It helps to diversify your investments, avoid over-fixating on the ups and downs of their growth, and detach from the outcome.

    Experts also advise against over-fixation because this can tempt you into withdrawing money prematurely when, in fact, money needs time to grow.

    These are some of the best times to manifest money into your life but remember that manifestation requires inspired action, patience, and trust in divine timing. To help you develop this, check out our in-depth guide on ‘How to Manifest Money’.


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