Everlur is a community centered around crystals, conscious manifestation, and empowerment. When everlur was first created in 2019, it all started as a passion project. Selfishly, we just wanted to do something for ourselves that we enjoyed. We wanted to work with crystals and affirmations to help ourselves feel good, process our experiences as immigrants, and grow on a personal level. Helping others was just a wonderful by-product of us enjoying ourselves and creating jewelry we thought others would love too. 

Fast forward to today, and everlur is no longer about us at all. It has become a passion project about us as a community. Our journeys would be too lonely going through them by ourselves and healing and growing on our own. We eventually realized that we weren’t alone in our desire to heal and grow. And neither are you… Our pain, worries, and desire for love and peace don’t stand alone. They stand together. We stand together every step of the way, guided and supported by each other as a team and as a community. 

So in hindsight, the first everlur bracelet we ever created never represented a single journey. It has always been a representation of all the women who have had the courage to stand in their truth and rise Together. We want our bracelets to be that daily reminder for you. You’re not alone. You belong right here. And every action you take not only impacts you, but it also impacts the people in your corner, and many more that you’re not aware of. 

Standing alone we may struggle to move a rock. But Together, We Can Move Mountains.

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When we created the business back in 2019, picking a name felt like the most difficult task. I remember it like it was yesterday. “Let’s just use everlur and move on with our lives.” I said to Shokouh. A few weeks later, we were shocked to learn that “Lur” represented our ancestral nomadic Irani tribe, the Lur-i, that our father was born into. Ever-lur has since been a symbol of our nomadic roots and being for-ever-Lur. But it’s also so much more than that..,

everlur is a representation of our roots, our past, and our story as a community. It’s a reminder to all of us to never forget where we came from, how far we’ve come in life, and how that has influenced who we are today. We wouldn’t be the people we are without the experiences of our past. Every moment, every experience, every tear, and every smile has shaped us as people and taught us that there is always a way forward. So no matter where you are in your life right now, know that it’s preparing you for the person you will be tomorrow.

everlur founder shokouh shojai

Shokouh is the co-founder of everlur and leads PR, outreach, and community collaborations.

Shokouh was born in Iran and moved to Germany with her family when she was 14 years old. She graduated with her Masters of Science in Mathematical Finance in 2008. After immigrating to the United States in her 20s, she held various analyst positions throughout her corporate career but took a leap of faith and quit her job in 2016. She knew her purpose was to empower women to go after their dreams, so three years later she founded everlur alongside Saba. She has been married to her soulmate for the past 13 years. Together they are raising and homeschooling their two daughters in Scottsdale, Arizona. When she isn't working on everlur, she is busy nerding out over spirituality, manifestation, and crystals, reading female entrepreneur autobiographies, tending to her vegetable garden and backyard chickens, appreciating art, family, and spending time with their two senior Labrador retrievers.

Saba is the co-founder of everlur and leads digital marketing.

Saba was born in Iran and moved to Germany when she was four years old. Prior to starting her sophomore year of high school, she moved to the United States in hopes for a better future. At the time, she couldn't speak any English and took ESL to learn the language. Having always had a passion for dance and movement, she ended up manifesting a professional dance career with the NBA and the WNBA on the Phoenix Suns. She eventually moved to Hawaii and lived on the island of Maui adventuring for a year, while going back to school and graduating with her Masters of Science in Human Resources in 2016. She climbed the corporate ladder only to realize that the 9-5 office culture was not for her. She became obsessed with self-development, manifestation, crystals, and learning about the power of her mind to transform her life. With this new understanding of what she was capable of creating, Saba and Shokouh decided to create everlur to empower other women who were feeling the same discontent they felt. Saba is married, a dog mama to 2 pups, loves to read, dance, and travel.