Wealth & Success

Are you ready to make money moves and live that abundant life of your dreams? You know, that rich life full of love, freedom, and abundance? Imagine your dream life.... Now think bigger. Money is a powerful resource that you can use to create anything your heart desires, so don’t be afraid to dream BIG


To fully step into the abundance you are calling in, you must first release your self-imposed limiting ideas and beliefs around money + abundance. Use the bracelets in the wealth collection to completely rewrite your money beliefs and declare your new truth. You have what it takes to create a new money story and unlock the rich life you’ve always wanted. 


At everlur, we believe that when good people like YOU elevate their vibration, manifest more wealth, and live with confidence and authenticity in every area of life, you come into power to spread kindness and love in a world that needs so much of it!

Money & Prosperity Crystal Bracelet
Badass Bracelet | Be Bold. Be Fierce. Be Badass.
Brave Bracelet | Be Brave. Be Strong. Be Courageous
Believe Bracelet | Believe. Be Resilient. Never Give Up