Love & Connection

There is nothing more powerful than feeling a deep sense of love for yourself. Yet, so many of us struggle to find this love within our hearts. Many of us have suffered a traumatic past that has left us insecure and heart-broken. Yet, love is not lost. It’s only forgotten. And all you have to do is remember that love is within you. 


Maybe you are manifesting your soulmate, more self-confidence, better connections, or a community that you feel aligned with. In order to fully receive these things, you must first find that love within yourself. The love and relationship collection was created to help you practice deep acceptance, positive self-talk, and the knowing that you are good enough to receive those things just the way you are.


Wear your bracelet and know that you get to receive love on all levels. There is nothing more or less that you have to do to be worthy of love. Your worthiness doesn’t come from something outside of you. It is present in every part of your being because YOU are love