a person in a meditation position, holding a crystal

How Meditation Can Help You Reduce Anxiety

Many of us struggle with anxiety in today’s day and age. In fact, it has become almost unavoidable with all the pressures we experience at work and having less and... Read More
intentional mothers day gift guide - crystal bracelets

Everlur's Intentional Mother's Day Gift Guide

Gift # 1: Badass Bracelet Mothers are badass. They are the glue that holds everything together, and they manage to do it with a smile. All they are missing is... Read More
how to manifest your soulmate couple hugging and touching their heads and smiling

How To Manifest Your Soulmate. 10 Steps To Help You Attract Love.

Here are 9 steps using the Law of Attraction to manifest your soulmate. Read what you should do to manifest love into your life or if you already are in a...
How to manifest money

How to manifest money. 7 most important money manifestation steps!

This is one of my most favorite topics! To be quite honest with you I think and talk about money all the time and have become quite obsessed with learning... Read More
5 Fun Facts About Crystals That Will Blow Your Mind

5 Fun Facts About Crystals That Will Blow Your Mind

People have been fascinated by crystals and their mystical healing powers for thousands of years. To simplify the science behind their healing powers for you, here are 5 fun facts about...
12 Biggest Manifestation Myths That Are Blocking Your Desires

12 Biggest Manifestation Myths That Are Blocking Your Desires

Here are 12 must-know manifestation myths that are blocking your desires. As much as these statements are myths, they are also limiting beliefs that are holding you back from manifesting what...
Money is an unlimited resource that is always flowing my way. 55 Money Affirmations to transform your finances. Woman holding a stack of cash

55 Money Affirmations To Transform Your Finances

Learn how to use money affirmations to completely transform your financial reality. 55 powerful affirmations for manifesting more money, wealth, and abundance.
How to manifest love couple holding hands

How To Manifest Love - Complete 12 Step Guide To Manifesting Your Soulmate

Manifesting a lover is not difficult but requires personal awareness, deep inner healing work, forgiveness, changes in thought and belief patterns, and a loving relationship with yourself. Read this post...
Rose quartz to manifest self love

7 Steps To Manifesting More Self-Love

Loving yourself unconditionally is easier said than done.  In this new age of social media, it can be so easy to criticize yourself and compare yourself to others. It can also...
rocks stacked near the beach to symbolize peace and harmony

5 Gemstones For Natural Anxiety Relief

In our effort to create the perfect anxiety relief bracelet we extensively researched different gemstones and their healing properties for relief from anxiety and panic attacks. If you do prefer...