Money is an unlimited resource that is always flowing my way. 55 Money Affirmations to transform your finances. Woman holding a stack of cash

55 Money Affirmations To Transform Your Finances

Why improving your money mindset matters?


Understanding WHY your money mindset actually matters will be your biggest motivator for using these money affirmations on a consistent basis. 


If you know anything about the law of attraction it is that everything in our universe is energy and vibration (e.g. your dining table, journal, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, trees, etc.). Based on this law, you attract to yourself the things that are a vibrational match to your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. In other words, if you think, feel, speak, and believe that money is always working out for you on a deep subconscious level, money in fact will always effortlessly find you.


In turn if you think, feel, speak, and believe that money is hard to get or have a negative emotional response to having or spending money, you in turn emit the vibration of lack and scarcity and manifest more of the same into your life.


This is why what you believe to be true in your mind absolutely matters and determines what your financial reality looks like.


55 money affirmations to transform your finances woman holding a stack of hundred dollar bills


For example, when I first started working on my money mindset things started to quickly shift in my life and miraculous things started to happen. I received a surprise promotion into a job I really wanted and started building new relationships with people who really helped me turn my finances around. I also finally found the courage to start my own business which is thriving and has completely transformed my life. Shifts happen when you decide to shift your mindset and perspective. Start here! Start now!


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How do money affirmations work?


Positive affirmations can help you defeat your self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs that hold you back from manifesting more financial abundance. Just as you do repetitive physical exercise to strengthen your body, practicing money affirmations on a consistent basis is an exercise to strengthen your mind and create new neurological thought pathways in your brain.


Your subconscious mind accepts your inner dialogue or daily self-talk (whether positive or negative) as truth and send you more of what you believe to be true.  Here is how your subconscious mind reacts to your thoughts:


  • I can't afford that. That's way too expensive. --> TRUTH

  • Rich people are so greedy. Money doesn't buy happiness.  --> TRUTH

  • I'm a money magnet. More and more money comes into my life every day. --> Also TRUTH

  • I love money. The more money I get the more good I can do in the world. --> TRUTH

Money affirmation quote I am ready to prosper beyond my wildest dreams.

This is why consistently practicing your money affirmations is so important. Negative self-talk sends a repetitive signal to the universe asking to send you more scarcity, more bills, more struggle.


In turn affirming to yourself over and over again that money is in fact an unlimited resource that is always flowing your way, allows you to reprogram your mind and manifest a new truth.


Think about how differently you would feel and act if you believed that money is unlimited and always effortlessly flowing into your life. This is the shift that needs to happen in your mindset for your finances to transform.




How to correctly use money affirmations to transform your life?


Here’s the deal: The goal of an affirmation is to engrain the statement into your subconscious mind so it eventually replaces an old limiting belief with a new empowering belief. So the question is, how do you say a money affirmation to transform it into a belief? 


Most people simply speak their affirmations or whisper them silently in their mind and get little results. When the words you speak don’t evoke any emotions within you it is really hard to actually believe your words.


So instead of simply saying them out loud, you must declare them with emotion. My most favorite way to practice my affirmations is to stand in wonder woman pose (hands on your hips, chest out, looking forward) and say them powerfully. As powerful as it takes for me to feel the truth of the statement. If you’re really committed, I highly recommend that you stand in front of a mirror and declare the affirmation while looking at yourself. For additional suggestions I recommend you check out my blog How to manifest money. 7 most important money manifestation steps!

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Who should use money affirmations?


Money affirmations are for everyone! That is the beauty of affirmations. No matter where you are in life right now, you can always benefit from them as you continue to grow and elevate your finances. That is the beauty of life. You are an ever changing, ever growing, spiritual being so no matter what your finances are like currently, if it is your desire to grow in this field, you can use them to uplevel your abundance mindset. 


If you are currently struggling with your finances or just not happy with the amount of money in your life, money affirmations may be the most important for you as most people who feel like they are already financially thriving likely have already made these statements a part of their belief system. 


However, there are also many people who receive a lot of money, yet struggle to actually keep it. They subconsciously self-sabotage their finances by constantly overspending, attracting way too many bills, or having to work way too hard to earn it. Money affirmations are therefore not just about attracting lots of money into your life. You can also use them to change your reality about spending, saving, and eliminating debt. 



How to remember to say your money affirmations?

Money affirmations are the most effective when they are practiced consistently. There are many different ways you can make them a part of your daily life. The key to finding the right process for you is by simply giving a few a try and figuring our what resonates the most. 


Remember, affirmations are meant to be repeated consistently so you can change your thought process and create new beliefs. The more you say them, the more your brain will pave a pathway for these new thoughts. With practice they will become stronger and stronger and eventually weaken the old limiting beliefs you have.

My most favorite way to remember my money affirmation is by wearing my everlur Money & Prosperity Manifestation Bracelet. This crystal bracelet is made from aventurine, citrine, and pyrite which are three of the most powerful abundance crystals. You can charge the bracelet with your intention and wear it every single day. Because the bracelet sits on your wrist, your eyes will spot it all day long. Every time you catch a glimpse of your bracelet you can take a deep breath and either say your money affirmation out loud or internally. My bracelet is now a constant daily reminder of my affirmation and my journey to abundance. It has worked miracles in my life and really helped me in creating the financial abundance I’ve always wanted. I’ve developed a real relationship with my crystals and barely take it off these days. 


money bracelet on women's wrist and hand holding a pyrite, aventurine, and citrine crystal


Money & Wealth Manifestation Bracelet


Another fun way to practice your money affirmations is by writing them on little sticky notes and taping them in areas that you most often hang out in (e.g. bathroom mirror, nightstand, office, on your laptop, etc.). 


You can also set a phone alarm with affirmation titles on your iPhone or Android. Simply do a google search for “how to set up affirmations on your alarm” to learn this fun little trick.


There are also plenty of affirmation phone apps that are specifically designed to send you affirmation reminders. If you enjoy receiving a different affirmation to practice every day this may be a fun option for you.  



Here are 55 Money Affirmations to transform your life:


1. Money flows effortlessly into my life on a daily basis.

2. The money that’s desired by me, is destined for me.

3. I am worthy of being wealthy.

4. Money is like the air that I breathe. Just like there is an abundance of air, there is always an abundance of money in my life. 

5. Money is an unlimited resource that is always flowing my way.

6. When I spend money I am at ease because I know that it will come back to me 10 fold. 

7. I allow my $______ monthly income to come quickly and easily. I let it be easy. 

8. Money is all around me. I find money everywhere.

9. Money is my best friend. It always comes into my life to hang out with me. 

10. I am so grateful for all of the money that is currently in my life and all of the money that is yet to come. 

11. I attract Money in both expected and unexpected ways.

12. Abundance is my birthright. 

13. I love money and money loves me. 

14. The money that I spend comes back to me 10 fold.

15. Wealth constantly flows into my life.

16. I can handle massive success with ease.

17. I attract money into my life just by being my authentic self.

18. I am enough just the way I am. I am worthy of abundance.  

19. It is safe for me to receive large sums of money.

20. I am a money magnet. Money is drawn to me.

21. I constantly attract opportunities that create more money.

22. I do what I love every day and get highly paid for my services.

23. I release all of my expectations of HOW $_____ comes into my life and know that it is already DONE. 

24. I am open and ready to receive all the wealth that the universe has for me.

25. I use money to improve my life and the lives of others.

26. I am capable of managing large sums of money. 

27. My actions create constant prosperity.

28. I am a generous person and more money amplifies that.

29. Having large sums of money allows me to give and serve generously.

30. Money is the root of joy and comfort. 

31. My income is constantly increasing.

32. There is plenty of money to go around. 

33. My loved ones are happy and proud to see my growing wealth. 

34. I attract money as easy as the air that I breathe.

35. Being wealthy feels amazing and fun. 

36. Money is rooted in good and leads to peace. 

37. It is safe for me to be wildly wealthy and successful.

38. Money is just energy that flows into my life with ease.

39. I am ready to prosper beyond my wildest dreams.

40. I manifest money with ease. 

41. I make space for more and more money in life every day. 

42. I am one with the vibration of abundance.

43. I embrace new avenues of income. 

44. The more I focus on joy the more money I make. 

45. I am grateful that I get to contribute my money to the economy and then receive even more back. 

46. I am happy to pay my bills for all that they provide me. 

47. My bank account is growing more and more every day.

48. There are no limits to the money I can make. 

49. My wealth comes from being honest and true in everything that I do. 

50. I am always taken care of. There is always more than enough money in my life. 

51. My success is inevitable and I am always on the right path. 

52. Money comes to me in miraculous ways. 

53. I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me. 

54. I am in control of my financial wellness

55. My prosperity is limitless.


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