Community Initiative

Big Dreams. Bigger Impact. For every order placed, everlur donates one rose quartz bracelet to a woman in need of empowerment.

everlur is partnering with local non-profit organizations that help women who have been victims of abuse, sex-trafficking, poverty, and are from underprivileged communities. The customer gets to leave an empowering personal note at checkout that will accompany each bracelet. We are committed to hand-delivering the rose quartz bracelets to have an intentional impact on the women.

We are partnering with and supporting:
As immigrants, our journey has been filled with hardships and sacrifices. Watching our mom struggle to feed and raise two children, our father living in captivity, losing family members, leaving our country and our family behind... we don't want to feel that any of that it been for nothing. We feel that it is our mission to help others to overcome their struggles, just like we had others offer their support along the way. It pains us to see that there are women in the world that have gone through extensive suffering and hardship that they no longer feel worthy of being alive. everlur's is here to give these women a glimmer of hope and to encourage them to keep going.

We gift a Rose Quartz bracelet because Rose Quartz is a symbol of unconditional love. everlur wants every woman receiving one of these bracelets to know how loved and supported they are through their journeys. They have the power to overcome their struggles and limitations, to rise above their traumas.

Self-love is the gateway to our soul. All can be healed through Love.

Community is important to everlur because it is how we can expand our ripple of positive change. We know what it feels like to feel alone in your journey.  We are a community centered around conscious manifestation and crystals. Being a part of a loving, supporting, empowering community gives us a sense of belonging. Specifically as women, it's very common for us to feel like we aren't good enough or we aren't worthy of manifesting more. It's through community that we can support and empower each other to reach our full potential. We want to be the place for women to go when they need support, when they are ready to uplevel their life, when they need that little boost of confidence, or are yearning for more peace and harmony. We feel that crystals will help us build community and remind us how capable we are in manifesting what we want.