Community Initiative

Big Dreams. Bigger Impact.

For every order placed, everlur donates one rose quartz bracelet to a woman in need of empowerment.

everlur is partnering with local non-profit organizations that help women who have been victims of abuse, sex-trafficking, poverty, and are from underprivileged communities. With every purchase you make, you get to spread your love and create a ripple of positive change. 

As the customer, you get to leave an empowering personal note at checkout that will accompany each bracelet. We are committed to hand-delivering the rose quartz bracelets to have an intentional impact on these women. We are partnering with and supporting Hope Women’s Center.


As women immigrants, we recognize the need for community and women empowerment. Our journey has been filled with many hardships and sacrifices. Watching our mom struggle to feed and raise two children, our father live in captivity, losing family members, leaving our country and our family behind... we don't want any of that to have been for nothing. We know that it is our mission to help others overcome their struggles and rise beyond their pain, just like we had others offer their support to us along the way. 

There are so many women struggling with a traumatic past just like we did. We want to remind each and every one of them that all can be healed through love. This is why we are donating a Rose Quartz Bracelet (a symbol of unconditional love) to women in need of empowerment. We feel strongly about gifting these physical reminders as a tool to guide their thoughts towards love and healing. By attaching a personalized note, we want every woman to know how loved and supported they are and that there is a community of people out there rooting for them.