Manifesting love is truly a beautiful thing because love is one of the most beautiful emotions we can feel. We all crave it. We all want it. And we want it now. We want to feel love so badly that sometimes we even get a little obsessed about it. It comes to no surprise that we all want to learn how to manifest love. Manifesting a lover is not difficult but requires personal awareness, deep inner healing work, forgiveness, changes in thought and belief patterns, and a loving relationship with yourself.



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If you are the type of person who:

  • Always seems to meet and date the wrong people (patterns of dating people who have similar characteristics)

  • Falls into relationships that are over before they even start

  • Struggles to find real intimate love that lasts

  • Is scared to spend the rest of their life looking for their soulmate

  • Is scared to be alone forever


You are in the right place! Take a deep breath and know that the universe always has your back. You’re about to learn everything you need to know about how to manifest love. You just got to patiently heal your past and make some shifts in the way that you think and feel on a regular basis, and you’ll be right on track to manifesting a lover who is just the perfect match for you.


Every step in this guide includes an action step that is extremely important. Some of them require you to sit down and journal. DO NOT SKIP THESE ACTION STEPS. This is where all the magic happens. I know addressing your trauma and spending time thinking and feeling through them can be scary but it’s 100 percent necessary if you want to give love a real chance.


Before we go into how to manifest love, let’s get some basic questions out of the way.





In very simple worlds, manifestation is the process of making a personal desire that is currently only a vision or an idea in your mind, a physical reality in your life by using the principles of law of attraction and other laws of the universe.


Based on this concept, manifesting love simply means that you currently have the desire to have a soulmate or intimate love in your life and want to manifest this lover into your physical reality.


Based on the law of attraction and other universal laws, to manifest your desires you must tune your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs into the same frequency as already having the very thing you desire. You must become a vibrational match to love by thinking, feeling, speaking, acting, believing, and knowing that your soulmate is already here.


manifesting love illustration on how to become a vibrational match to love

If your soulmate was already in your life, how would you think, feel, speak, believe, and act? Take note of that because you must become that person now.


These next few steps will outline exactly how to raise your vibration and become a person who already knows that true lasting love has arrived.





Yes, it is possible to manifest someone specific because all possibilities exist. Anything that you can imagine is possible. So, the question really isn’t if it’s possible or not, rather why you find it necessary to manifest a specific person and if that’s really the best outcome for you. Aside from that, manifestation that involves another person is extremely difficult as the other person has the free will to make their own decisions and you have little control over their actions or desires. Any article that tries to teach you easy steps on how to manifest someone specific is simply not telling you the truth.


I know how it feels to be madly in love with someone that you want to be with so badly. When you’re in this state you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Having been in this situation before, I must say that I personally recommend against it. And here is why:



how to manifest someone 5 step infographic




It usually doesn’t turn out well because this person might not actually be the best person for you. I wholeheartedly believe that whatever person is meant to be your soulmate will cross your path somehow. You don’t need to know how it will happen because the logistics are for the universe to orchestrate.


Your only responsibility is to practice the below steps so you can be open and receptive to the idea of receiving this type of love. If you’re busy obsessing over manifesting someone specific all you’re doing is distracting yourself. The love of your life may cross your path and you might not even realize it because you’ve narrowed your vision too much. You may manifest someone but if that person is not in fact the right person for you, the relationship will most likely end and leave you back to square one.


So, the question really is:

  • Why do you want to control the outcome of your love life?

  • Do you not believe that real true love will find you?

  • Do you not believe that this person you want to manifest will be with you if it’s really meant to be?


I must encourage you to focus on yourself and what's best for you rather than trying to control an outcome that involves another person whose decisions and actions you cannot control or manifest. When people try, the universal law of karma usually takes its course. The best thing you can do in this situation is to trust that everything will unfold for the highest good of all (it might be with the person you’re thinking of, it might not). But if you are meant to reconnect with this person it will happen. In the meantime, work on healing your own heartbreak, learn to love yourself unconditionally, and know that you are worthy of loving connections. 

So, for now let’s move on to how to manifest love!






how to manifest love 12 step infographic






We love to get hung up on all the things we don’t want in a relationship. All the things that went wrong and how much we don’t want to be alone. We complain about everything that's going wrong in our lives but we rarely take the time to think about what it is that we actually want. So what do you want?


Have you ever sat down to really think about what kind of relationship you desire? What kind of partner you want in your life, and why you desire to be in a relationship with your soulmate in the first place?


If not, I highly recommend that you take the time to journal on the below prompts. I know sometimes we want to skip this part because we think we know the answers to these questions but in reality we are not 100% clear on them.



Journal on the below questions. Be as honest as you can with yourself. The universe knows the truth and cannot be fooled. Speak from your heart and write down anything that comes to mind. There are no right or wrong answers.


Expert tip: Write the answers down in present tense as if your lover is already in your life right now (e.g., my soulmate and I “have” the perfect relationship. He “makes” me laugh and “is” affectionate….)


If you could snap your finger and your soulmate would drop into your lap…


  • What do you envision your ideal relationship to be like?

  • What do you envision that you and your soulmate do together on a daily basis and for fun?

  • What do you both have in common?

  • What morals, values, and goals do you share?

  • What qualities does your soulmate have?

  • How does being with your soulmate make you feel?

  • Why is having your soulmate in your life so important to you?

  • How does your soulmate treat you?

  • How does your soulmate speak to you?

  • What do your friends and family say about your relationship?




Now that you’re clear on what you want, let’s talk about your beliefs about love. A limiting belief is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a belief that you’re either consciously or subconsciously holding on to, that is limiting you from attracting and receiving what you desire. These beliefs are your internal fears that are lowering your vibe and making you a vibrational match to being alone. The longer you hold on to these beliefs the more you will manifest experiences that are just like them.


For example: If you got hurt in your last relationship and your partner cheated on you, you may be subconsciously afraid of getting hurt again in your next relationship. You may believe that men/woman are not truthful, which may result in you rejecting another relationship or subconsciously self-sabotaging your experiences with another partner by having trust issues and picking arguments that eventually result in another breakup that leaves you hurt once more.


Limiting beliefs impact every aspect of your life in a self-destructing way and only manifest more of exactly what you’re afraid of. They place you in patterns that continue to repeat themselves that you can’t seem to explain. All of a sudden you’re repeating the same exact cycle again and lose all hope that real love will ever be possible for you.


You’re not cursed. You’re just stuck in your limiting beliefs that have turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, until now. Let’s uncover and rewrite these stories so you can confidently manifest love into your life.


If you're ready to take your manifestation practice to the next level and need help with 10 of the most common phrases used that are currently keeping you single, download my free How To Manifest Love Guide here. 



1. Figure out what your limiting beliefs are. Look at your desires list and journal on these five questions:

  • How do you feel when you look at your list of desires? 

  • Write down all of the reasons WHY you feel that way.

  • Why do you believe that what you want is not possible for you? Finish this sentence: "I don't think I will ever find my soulmate because ___________________ !" All of the reason's that you come up with are your limiting beliefs. 

  • Why do you think you're struggling so much in your love life? List all reasons that pop up. These could be your reasons, society’s reasons, family reasons, childhood trauma reasons. (e.g. my parents fought a lot when I was young and then got divorced so the concept of love was always complicated and stupid to me. I got cheated on during college and now I have my guard up thinking that all guys are cheaters. I’m scared of getting hurt. I feel like I’m going to be alone forever. My parents are pressuring me to find someone and I’m scared I won’t. I keep reading about celebrities who have love problems so now I feel like love never works out for anyone including me. etc.) List everything that pops into your mind. Go wild!

  • Can you see how these subconscious beliefs are not in alignment with manifesting love? Can you see how these beliefs are subconsciously holding you back from manifesting what you want. What are all of the really painful consequences of holding on to these beliefs and lies? What will you be missing out on in the next 5/10/20 years? Make this list as painful as possible. (e.g. If I continue to hold on to these beliefs I will be alone forever. I will never have a family. I’m going to feel so disappointed. I’m going to end up just like my parents and that’s a really painful thought. Etc.)





This step in the how to manifest love series is about strengthening your awareness. When we are unaware of how we operate we go through life on autopilot.


We get happy, we get sad, we get excited, and frustrated and have no idea why. We pity and victimize ourselves, we get triggered by other people and judge them for their great lives, we cry, we feel alone, we feel anxiety and stress, and have no idea why or what’s really causing it.


There is a root cause to every trigger, every negative feeling, and every anxiety attack. And the root cause is typically hidden in a past experience (from your childhood or adult life) that you never gave yourself permission to heal. And these past experiences are coming to haunt you now. Awareness is about observing your thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions that make you feel uneasy and figuring out WHY you are feeling that way.



Go through your day and write down (in your phone) any negative thoughts, any experiences that trigger you negatively or make you feel uncomfortable, and any negative feelings that you experience.


Keep a running journal of how you operate on a regular basis. Do this without judgement. Simply observe and write it down. Don’t feel bad about yourself for thinking negatively. If you take the time to practice this you’re already 1000 steps ahead of the rest of the population and on your way to some epic breakthroughs.


Sit in a quiet, undisturbed space and review your list one by one. Now ask yourself:

  • What is unhealed within me to make me think/feel/behave in this way? What happened in my past (childhood or adulthood) that triggered the same exact feelings in me?

Close your eyes and just observe any past memories, visions, colors, or shapes that pop up in your mind.


Can you see how your past experiences have shaped your current reality. If you feel the urge to show emotion (laugh, cry, scream, punch a pillow) do it. Allow everything to move through you. Do not resist the emotions. They’ve been trapped inside of you for so long, they just want to be seen and acknowledged. Don’t be afraid to just feel. Feel the pain. Feel the shame. Feel the sadness. Just feel through it. Then move on to the next step.





Holding on to the limiting stories you listed in step 2, do not serve you. Practicing forgiveness is about setting yourself free so that you can make space for new beginnings. It’s about forgiving your heartbreak, past experiences, and people who have hurt you so you can move on to bigger and better things. Feelings of bitterness, resentment, anger, sadness, victimhood, guilt, and shame are doing nothing for you other than hold you back from manifesting love.


Forgiveness is not about forgiving people’s wrongful actions towards you and now tolerating hurtful behavior. You’re simply forgiving the fact that you’ve allowed these experiences to impact you in a negative way.


Everything you’ve gone through has shaped who you are and is therefore a part of your story. You’re not a victim but the hero of these experiences and it’s time that you free yourself. It is now time to look at things with a different perspective and rise above your trauma and people who have wronged you. You are powerful. You are in control. And no matter what happened in the past you have the freedom to forgive and let go so that you can move forward.



1. Sit in a quite, undisturbed place. If you want to set the vibe, play some heartfelt music in the background. Think about the people, experiences, and feelings that trigger a negative emotion within you. Feel the pain of the experience. Allow the emotion to move through you. Don’t be afraid to feel the emotions deeply within your body. Feeling things through allows you to process the experiences in a way that you’ve never given yourself permission to do. Don’t be afraid to cry, scream, yell, punch a pillow, etc. Whatever it takes for you to move through the experience is game on. Observe that old version of yourself and send her love. Let her know that everything is going to be okay and that it’s time to break free from the pain.


2. Once you feel some emotional relief in your body, download and read this forgiveness prayer as many times as needed. Observe how different you feel and journal on your experience.



manifesting love forgiveness prayer for past heartbreak







Are you ready to change your love story? This is the part where you get to prove to yourself that your limiting beliefs are all lies and that the powerful creator of your life is YOU! This is the part where you get to reframe your limiting love stories and change the perspective from which you see yourself. Simply realize that the stories you've been telling yourself are not facts. God/Universe did not hammer these ideas into a rock and declare them as truth. You can choose to see things differently now.


Here are 2 simple methods you can use to rewire your subconscious mind into believing a new truth. You can try them both and see which one resonates. The more consistently you practice these the better. Remember, this work is not one and done. It takes time and consistent practice to change your thought patterns and make them believable to yourself. You must practice them until there is no doubt in your mind that what you're saying is the absolute truth. 



Practice Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that you declare to yourself in an effort to change your beliefs about love and what’s possible for you. These statements are declared in present tense so your mind believes them to be true about your current reality.


For example, you may use the affirmation:


 how to manifest love affirmation


By repeating this statement over and over again, you let your subconscious mind know that these words are true for you. You start to rewrite your love story from one of lack, loneliness, and despair, to one that empowers you and raises your vibration.


Remember, manifestation is all about thinking, feeling, speaking, believing, and knowing that what you want is already yours right now. Affirmations are a tool to help you rewire your mind to actually believe it.


everlur’s Love & Relationship Manifestation Bracelet has been intentionally designed to help you reframe your love story using crystal healing and affirmations. Because bracelets sit on your wrist they are easily spotted by your eyes all day long. Every time you catch a glimpse of the love crystals on your wrist you are reminded of your affirmations, your power to manifest love, and to shift your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs when you get negatively triggered by the experiences around you.


You can learn more about How To Manifest Love With Crystals And Crystal Jewelry here.



woman wearing the love crystal bracelet to manifest love





Scripting is another very powerful practice to become a vibrational match to love. Grab a journal and write about your perfect day with your soulmate in present or past tense.


You are signaling to your mind that you are experiencing these moments right now. As you are writing, make sure to really feel the happy emotions. You must “feel” the truth of your stories so that your mind can internalize them as reality. When you combine your imagination with real emotions your subconscious mind can't tell what's real and what's fake. It automatically checks it off as real because you're feeling it in your body as if it actually is happening.


If you’re having trouble feeling emotional, I recommend playing music in the background as you write. From time to time close your eyes and tune into the feelings. Then get back to writing.


For example: “Today was the best day ever. I got to sleep in with Joel in our comfy bed together. We cuddled all night and it felt so good being near him and feeling his love and affection. I feel all the butterflies when I look at him. Etc.”



 couple holding hands wearing love crystal bracelet






What is worthiness you ask? Feeling worthy is the belief that you are good enough just the way that you are. The knowing that there is nothing wrong with you and that you are deserving of love.


When I was single, I felt so alone. I felt stuck in patterns of dating the wrong men and thought that I wasn’t good enough for anyone. I would come home thinking “Why does this keep happening to me? What’s wrong with me? Why does nobody want to be with me?” I was convinced that there was either something wrong with me and I wasn’t good enough to be loved, or that I was cursed. I was victimizing myself and feeling sad for my situation.


Until one day I realized that I was so focused on the lack of love in my life, that I was completely avoiding loving myself. I had no respect for myself. I was dating guys that didn’t deserve me and didn’t treat me well, tolerating hurtful behavior, and choosing the same type of men over and over again because that's what I was familiar with. I was sending a signal to the Universe saying “More of this please!” and so I received more.


I didn’t feel worthy or deserving of true passionate love so I kept settling for less because I didn’t think that I was good enough for the type of man I really wanted to be with.


You see, what we accept is what we continue to receive. And so it was time for me to say no to what didn’t serve me, and yes to respect and self-love. I started to practice the knowing that I was worthy of what I desired. Good enough just the way I was. Confident in who I was and what I had to offer. Deserving of a loving relationship.



Make a list of everything that you have tolerated in the past that do not serve you. Why have you put up with them? Is it time to let them go and know that you are worthy of more? Remember, every action is a signal to the universe of what you want more of in your life.


What can you do differently today to show yourself that you are deserving of love? Do you need to set healthy boundaries? Stop looking for guys at the bar and instead try something new?



Use this affirmation in combination with the Love & Relationship Bracelet



how to manifest someone affirmation



Download 16 more love affirmations in my free guide below.





How do you want to be treated and spoken to in a relationship? Reference your answer from step 1. Are you treating yourself in that way? The fastest and easiest way to become a vibrational match to love is by practicing self-love.



Make a list of 10-15 things you love about yourself. Every morning, look in the mirror and read this list to yourself. 


Imagine that your soulmate is living with you and speaking to you throughout the day. What would he/she say to you? Say those things to yourself.


Do something for yourself everyday that makes you happy. Take yourself out for a cup of coffee. Buy yourself flowers. Take a hot romantic bath. Whatever comes to mind that makes you happy and feels good to you. Do it!



woman wearing the love crystal bracelet to manifest someone






This step is about tiding up the physical clutter in your life. Clutter and mess carries very heavy energy. When your space is messy it can give you unnecessary anxiety and make you feel bad about yourself.


Manifesting your soulmate is all about feeling good and high vibe. Remember how good it feels when your home is clean and tidy? To make space for new beginnings you must first purge the old. Look around. What areas in your life could use some decluttering? Ask yourself, if my soulmate was here right now would this area look like this?




Now that you’ve made physical and energetic space, focus on wearing clothing and jewelry that make you feel abundant. When I was single, I wore my Love & Relationship Manifestation Bracelet every day. Every time I put the rose quartz and moonstone bracelet on my wrist I felt so beautiful and was reminded to practice my love affirmations and think as if my soulmate had already manifested in my life. It became a symbol of my journey and gave me the faith I needed to keep believing.



love bracelet laying on a silk cloth with other gold accessories








To become a vibrational match to love, you must radiate love. Make feeling good a priority. The better you feel inside the more you will radiate that vibration out into the universe.



Are there specific activities that you really enjoy doing? Do them. Treat yourself to a Starbucks coffee and feel grateful for it. Buy yourself some roses next time you’re at the grocery store. Wear high vibe clothing that makes you feel beautiful and sexy. Is there an activity that you’ve been wanting to do but always pushed to the side. Get up and do it. This step is all about feeling good. Be creative. You’ll come to realize that feeling good is actually really fun!





Gratitude is one of the most high vibe emotions you can feel. When you show gratitude for all of the amazing things that are going right in your life, you open yourself up to receive more blessings. Don’t underestimate this practice. It is one of the most powerful things you can do. When you practice gratitude, really “feel” into the emotion. Thinking thoughts without feeling emotions will not raise your vibration.


Everlur carries a beautiful Gratitude Bracelet that can help you create a consistent gratitude practice in your life. Because bracelets sit on your wrist they are easily spotted by your eyes. Every time you catch a glimpse of the crystals on your wrist, you are reminded to think and feel a thought that starts with “Thank you for…".


wearing the gratitude bracelet and holding the bracelet card in hand



Practice gratitude at least 3 times a day at a minimum. Once in the morning, during the day, and before bed.


You can either write a gratitude list in your journal or practice visualizing it. Whatever you do, remember to FEEL appreciation. Here are a few questions that can help you get started.


  • What are some of the areas in my life that are already going really well?

  • What am I grateful for today?

  • Who am I grateful for today?

  • If my soulmate was here right now, what would I be grateful for?


Here is a simple example of a gratitude rant that you can follow.


“Thank you for this life. Thank you for the roof over my head. Thank you for the food on my table. For the phone I get to use. For my family, my mom and dad. They love me so much and I’m so grateful to have them in my life. Thank you for my friend group. I’m so blessed to have such wonderful relationships in my life. People who love me and care for me. People who I can count on. Thank you for my soulmate. I really love him/her with all my heart. He/she came in such an unexpected way that just blew my socks off and I’m so incredibly grateful. Etc.“





Visualization is a powerful method for manifesting love into your life. This process allows you to train your mind into believing that it is already living your dream reality. 


When visualizing, really tune into the emotion of already having what you want. When you combine your imagination with real emotions your subconscious mind can't tell what's real and what's fake. It automatically checks it off as real because you're feeling the experience in your body and makes you a vibrational match to love. 



Sit or lay in a comfortable position. Play some high vibe emotional music that you connect with and close your eyes. Start visualizing your dream relationship as if you’re living that reality right now. Remember, just like with the gratitude practice, feeling the emotions is the most important part that will make you a vibrational match. Visualize spending the perfect day with your soulmate. You may refer to the list you created in step 1 if needed.






I know this one can be hard. Being around happy couples who are in love while you are single isn’t an easy thing to do. However, only surrounding yourself with other single friends who complain about being alone and like to gossip and talk negatively about happy couples will simply keep you stuck in your current reality.


Remember how powerful your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and spoken words are. Engage in this gossip and you shall be given more miserable days to gossip while others are living happily ever after. Your subconscious mind internalizes everything you say as true for you. It doesn't know that you're speaking about someone else, yet you desire something different. If you speak and feel badly about other people's relationships, your subconscious mind basically thinks you're speaking about yourself and manifests more of it into your own life.


Don’t avoid your friends who are in happy relationships. Be happy for them and bless their love and always wish them well. Know that what is possible for them is also possible for you. Remember, whatever feelings you project out will come back to you tenfold.


 how to manifest someone happy couple dancing outside




Make a conscious effort to hang out with some of your friends who are in happy relationships. Observe how they think, feel, and speak about love and mimic that in your own life.


Instead of feeling bad about your own single life say to yourself:

"I’m so excited to know that this type of love is also possible for me. Thank you universe for showing me what’s coming."







When it feels like it’s not working, you keep the faith. You stay strong and hold the belief that anything is possible for you. The truth is that sometimes your reality needs time to catch up to your new way of being and so manifestations can lag a little behind.


You’ve held your old limiting beliefs for years. You’re just now starting to reframe your story and heal your past. Practicing affirmations for 3 weeks may not have you fully believing them. Your subconscious mind needs time and practice to end your old patterns. There’s no bullshitting it. If deep down you don’t feel worthy of love, you can say you are worthy as much as you want but you’re dominant vibration tells otherwise.


So keep going. Never give up. Just keep practicing and continue to shift your perspective. Observe your thoughts and feeling without judgement and reframe them anytime they don’t serve you.


When you’re triggered with negative feelings in any situation ask yourself: “What is unhealed within me that is causing me to feel this way? Where in my childhood or past did I feel the same way?”


Can you see that it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Send these feelings love and forgiveness. And just keep shifting. For example, when you realize that you’re feeling alone, first reframe the thought to “even though I feel alone I love myself and I know the truth is that anything is possible for me”. Then get up and take a hot bath, say I love you, dance, practice something that feels good to shift your vibe. Shift, shift, shift. You got this.





Absolutely not. In fact, I don’t believe we will ever be completely healed. Healing is a lifelong journey that we have to embrace and continuously work on. You can absolutely be a work in progress and still manifest the love of your life even when you still feel broken.


Your main responsibility is to take it one step at a time and believe that everything you want is possible for you no matter what. Have faith. Process your past. Feel through your emotions and just keep going. Everything will unfold in divine timing for the highest good of all involved. Expect the best and never give up on your dreams because being in a loving relationship is your absolute birthright!





Unfortunately, there is nothing except your own intuition that’s going to confirm this for you. There may always be some uncertainty you feel, questioning if the person you’re with is the right partner for you or if they will stay with you forever. These thoughts and concerns are completely normal and may pop up from time to time.


But it’s also important that you navigate this uncertainty with the guidance of your own inner intuition and simply trust your instincts. If you find yourself overanalyzing your situation for an unhealthy amount of time, always wondering if there is someone better, if you’re not good enough, if this partner will cheat on you just like the last one, etc. you may be trying to subconsciously self-sabotage your relationship that is in fact perfectly fine.



If you feel stuck journal on the following:

  • WHY am I feeling such uncertainty about xyz?

  • What did I experience in the past that validated these feelings for me?

  • What is unhealed within me that’s causing me to feel this way now?

  • Can I forgive this experience/person in order to open myself up for new beginnings?

  • Can I accept the fact that my past doesn’t have to repeat itself as long as I can let go?

  • Can I accept that my past conditioning doesn’t have to impact my thought patterns and decisions today?

  • Without bias, without judgement, what does my intuition tell me about this relationship?

  • I trust my intuition and know that everything is always working out for my highest good.





Yes, you can manifest a lover with specific criteria but I want to challenge this question by asking you WHY these criteria are so necessary for you? Why is that so important to you and how will that serve you?


Back in the day I used to have criteria that I thought I needed in a partner and I eventually realized that I was so wrong. And I’m so glad that I was wrong because the person that I manifested as my soulmate is in fact so much better than the criteria that I had in my mind.


We have such a limited perspective of our life that it’s almost impossible for us to know what is best for us and our future. For this reason, putting too many expectations on specific criteria may actually manifest a partner that is not actually the best person for you in the long term.


Release these expectations and replace that with a deep knowing that the universe will connect you with a person who is the best match for you. If you’re really set on certain criteria that are deal-breakers for you, I recommend always completing your sentence with “this or something better”.





Unfortunately, the answer to that question really depends on you and how dedicated you are to doing the internal healing work. There is nobody out there that can complete these steps for you.


Our external reality is a direct reflection of our internal thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. If you’re dissatisfied with your life, just look within. I guarantee if you look deep enough you will find deep rooted subconscious feelings that were never processed, experiences and people that were never forgiven, beliefs that are contradicting what you really want, and thoughts of not being worthy or good enough to have what you desire. When you have the courage to look at your deepest shadows, accept yourself for who you are, and make some small shifts, there is no one to say how quickly a lover may manifest in your life.


But remember the HOW and the WHEN is not for you to control or figure out. Find your peace with this uncertainty, trusting that everything will work out in perfect divine timing because it is already done.





Your manifestation journey is not over. A lot of people think that the manifestation process is done once you’ve manifested a partner in your life. However, keeping your new partner in your life is just as important. Your healing journey is really never over.


Learn to apply these concepts to your life on a regular basis. Anytime you get triggered by something that happens, ask yourself powerful questions to get to the root cause of the issues within yourself.


To make the concept of continuous healing easier to understand, I want you to imagine this:


Your partner tells you that he/she wants to go on a guys/girls trip. You are triggered by the idea and are not comfortable with that thought. Even if the trip would be completely harmless, you pick a huge fight to try and control the situation. "What if he/she talks to others men/women? What if he/she cheats on me? What if I'm missing out?" The fight escalates due to your own unhealed insecurities about yourself and past experiences. The need to control his/her life becomes an obsession over the course of your relationship and creates a lot of issues between you. Your partner does not understand why you always have to overreact and neither do you.


This amongst other situations are very common triggers for a lot of people.  If you don’t work on healing your insecurities, past experiences of a broken heart, experiences of abandonment, negative feelings towards men/women, feelings of unworthiness and not enoughness will come to haunt you and your relationship for the rest of your life.


In rare cases they may even result in self-sabotage. Your journey of healing is never over. One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give you is to continue to evaluate your life and as things come up, dig deep to figure out why they bother you. The more you work on healing yourself and your past, the easier and more effortless your relationship with your soulmate will feel.





I really hope that this article is helpful to you. I wholeheartedly believe that everyone is destined to find true love. I hope that this article empowered you to believe in that too. You are so powerful and experiencing love is your birthright. You just got to shift some things around and heal the parts of you that deeply need your own attention. Be gentle with yourself and keep moving forward. Like the famous poet Rumi says “The wound is a place where the light enters you”. Focus on your own journey and I promise you there are no limitations as to what you can create in this world.


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Saba Shojai is a certified sound healer, manifestation and crystal expert, life coach, and one of the co-owners of everlur, a manifestation jewelry brand. After experiencing many limitations in her life from being a first generation immigrant, she decided to transform her mindset and consciously manifest her dream life. Through everlur's crystal bracelets she is now empowering thousands of people around the world to believe in themselves and the infinite amount of possibilities available to them.  


About everlur bracelets

everlur crystal bracelets serve as a tool to teach and remind you that the powerful creator of your you! With every glimpse of the crystals on your wrist you know that you're not alone in your journey. That there is a community of people wearing the same bracelet as you desiring to manifest something greater in life. Through the use of intention setting and affirmations everlur bracelets guide you to overcome your fears and focus on your life's vision so you can manifest all the beautiful things your heart desires.

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  • Regina: November 19, 2023
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    Great article. Thank you

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