What is crystal healing and how to use it to elevate your life.

Crystal Healing 101 - What Is Crystal Healing And How To Use It To Elevate Your Life

Believe in the magic of healing crystals

If you are in need of healing in your life whether it’s in your love, financial, mental, or physical life, crystal healing can relieve your anxiety and return your body to a natural state of health and well-being.


What is crystal healing and how to use it to elevate your life


Crystal healing is a holistic and natural therapy that has been used for centuries for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. The practices date back to the Egyptian times when crystals were said to be used to purge ‘evil spirits’ and ward off illness and negative energy. 

Since crystals take millions of years to form and are naturally extracted from the earth they retain the energies of the sun, moon, and the ocean which are considered natural healing energies. Depending on the type of minerals they are made from and the conditions they grow in, each healing stone holds its own unique energy and has magnetic tendencies that arise from their molecular composition.

Their unique properties allow crystals to communicate with the energy flow of the human body absorbing negative energies and blockages. In return, they restore, balance, and stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities that allow the body to heal itself.  


  • Calms the nervous system and increases the feeling of health and well-being 
  • Reduces mental stress through emotional release and neutralizing negativity
  • Promotes the body’s natural healing abilities so your body can heal itself
  • Clears and balances the 7 chakras, the main energy centers of the body
  • Decreases feelings of depression by reducing anxiety
  • Increases feelings of relaxation and peace
  • Heals the mind of past societal programming 
  • Helps to reprogram the subconscious mind with new beliefs



Crystal healing can take many forms and can be as simple as wearing healing stones as bracelets and necklaces, placing crystals underneath your pillow or in the room where you work or sleep. There are also more complicated healing techniques such as being professionally treated by a crystal therapist or certified reiki practitioner who can identify the specific energy blockages in your body and balance your energy centers (chakras) by placing specific crystals on and around your body. I’ve outlined some of the most popular forms of crystal healing for you below. 

Healing With Crystal Jewelry

Crystal jewelry is both a very powerful and fashionable way to work with the healing powers of crystals, and one that is often overlooked. Jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces also make wonderful gifts that most people find very meaningful and enjoy learning about. Because crystal jewelry is worn on your body for longer periods of time it is one of the most powerful ways to soak up their healing energy all day long. 

Crystal bracelets are one of the most powerful ways to heal your entire aura as your hands are constantly moving around you. Because bracelets are worn on your wrist they are also easily spotted by your eyes throughout the day serving as a great reminder of your intention to heal. Some bracelets like everlur crystal bracelets are intentionally designed with a combination of different stones to enhance healing in a specific area of your life. For example, to heal your love life and attract the perfect partner you can wear the Love and Relationship bracelet made from high quality rose quartz and moonstone. Both of these beautiful feminine stones promote forgiveness and remove the pain in your heart so you can return to a state of unconditional love. 


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Crystal rings are a great way to balance and enhance healing in your heart as your palm chakras are connected to your heart chakra. This is why gemstones such as diamonds in the form of a wedding or promise ring are worn close to your palm chakra. Do you see the connection? 

Crystal necklaces work great for balancing your throat and heart chakra as the stone typically sits close to your throat and on your chest. 

Crystal jewelry can also be worn as earrings or anklets but if you’re like me and find those to be uncomfortable I would stick to the crystal bracelets which give you all of the healing you want. 

Clearing and cleansing your crystal jewelry

Here’s the deal: If you’re like me and wear your crystal jewelry on you all day long you must remember that your crystals are absorbing your energy and the energy in your environment when you carry them around with you. To continue to benefit from their healing vibrations you must cleanse and charge your crystals regularly. If you’re unsure how to do that check out everlur’s crystal jewelry care instructions.  

How to use crystal jewelry for healing

This is the million dollar questions! What’s the best way to use your crystal jewelry for healing? And the answer is quite simple. 

When it comes to crystal jewelry the best thing to do is to give the crystal an intention. Before you put them on, hold the crystal in your hand and visualize a white light going through it and focus on your particular intention. If you want a step by step guide as well as a crystal activation prayer for best results make sure to check out How to use healing crystal bracelets for manifestation? A Step by Step Guide.


How to choose the right crystal jewelry for healing? 

When it comes to the type of crystal jewelry and the type of stones to select simply listen to your intuition. Your heart knows what your body needs so learning to listen to your gut feeling is the best thing you can do when it comes to crystal healing. If you don’t have any pieces yet make sure to check out everlur’s bracelet collections which are intentionally designed based on the type of healing you are looking for. 

I own a variety of different crystal bracelets with different stones and intentions. When I wake up in the morning I like to close my eyes and tune into the way I feel which is how I determine which piece of jewelry I feel called to wear. 

For example, if I feel energetically heavy, unbalanced, and in a weird mood I will go for my everlur Energy Cleanse and Gratitude bracelets and stack the two. Layering your jewelry is a great way to combine crystal properties and receive healing through different crystals. In this case, the hematite and amazonite in the Energy Cleanse bracelet absorb toxic emotions allowing you to go back to your natural state of joy and happiness and the rose quartz, and angelite in the Gratitude bracelet help you regain your inner balance and encourages feelings of gratitude and self-love.  

When I don’t feel physically well or have a physical ailment I will wear the Health and Wellbeing bracelet which has amethyst and howlite. 


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Sometimes, it’s enough to just look at the crystal jewelry you own and wear whatever looks appealing to you based on look and color. Trust yourself. Your heart will tell you what type of healing your body needs and even though you may not understand the reason it will be the right healing for you. 


Crystal Healing In Your Home 

Crystals can be used in your home for healing, protection, and good feng shui energy. All forms essentially allow you to benefit from the powerful vibrations of crystals to heal your body, mind, and soul as you go about your day. 

In your home it is most common to use either raw or tumbled crystals of all sizes and place them on a nightstand, by the window, front door, or on a work desk. For example, black tourmaline, obsidian, or hematite have strong protective energies and should be placed by the front door to protect and heal any negative energies that enter the home. Citrine on the other hand helps to heal self-esteem issues and attract wealth and abundance.  


Crystal Therapy

During a crystal therapy session, various crystals are placed on and around your body while you lay down to create deep relaxation, release stress and pain, and balance the energy in your physical and spiritual bodies. Treatments can take anywhere between an hour or two. Crystals may be placed on areas of pain, acupuncture points, or your chakras (main energy centers of the body) as a single stone or in specific patterns and grids to stimulate energy. Crystals may be chosen based on their unique properties or their color which corresponds with the colors of the body’s different energy points.  

 How does the treatment work? 

So you might be wondering how this treatment actually works! Crystals have the ability to hold and emit energy vibrations. When you think about the crystal that’s used in a watch, the battery sends a constant charge which the crystal absorbs and then releases at such a precise rate that the watch is able to tell you the perfect time. Just like in a watch, crystals absorb, focus, and balance our energy fields to enable a diseased body to find it’s natural energetic rhythm again. 


Crystals are very deeply connected to your energy and intuition. If someone is extremely skeptical, there is no way to ‘talk’ them into it and neither is it your responsibility to try and convince anyone of their healing abilities. Everyone must do what feels comfortable for them and if the power of crystals is too “woo woo” then they will most likely not work for them anyway. If you choose to be closed off, you’re not able to open up your energy for the healing to take effect. 

However, if someone is on the merge and still curious about crystals, just direct them to pick one up and keep it around for a few days. They may just experience a little magic on the way and change their mind on their own. 


Here’s the deal: Crystals aren’t a magic potion that can magically turn your life around overnight. Rather, they enhance and support the healing work that you are already doing. So if you have made the choice to heal your mind, body, and soul, crystals can be a powerful tool to expedite your healing process. 




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