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Healing Crystal Bracelets for Manifestation.

How To Use Healing Crystal Bracelets For Manifestation. A Step By Step Guide.


Do you struggle to understand how to manifest a life of pure abundance?

Healing Crystal bracelets are an excellent manifestation tool that can transform your life forever, and get you hooked on wearing these beautiful gems around all day long.


Whether your goal is to prosper financially, become a more healthier version of yourself, or find true love, healing crystal bracelets give meaning to your intentions and give your energy a direction to travel through. This leads you to take inspired action towards your goals so you can become the most abundant version of yourself. 

But what’s the secret and how do you actually use these colorful healing crystals to manifest your dreams and desires? I’ll be answering these questions for you below in this week’s episode of “Manifesting with Crystals”. 

To understand how to use healing crystal bracelets for manifestation we must first understand the significance of crystals and how they relate to our thoughts and daily intentions.


Beautiful happy girl wearing healing crystal bracelets for manifestation.



Everything in our universe is made of energy and all energy moves and vibrates. Everything that we can see - our body, the people around us, the coffee table in our living room, trees, rocks, crystals - and all the things we can’t see - atoms, air, light, our thoughts, other people’s thoughts, and feelings - vibrate at a specific frequency. 

With this in mind, each healing stone holds its own unique properties and has a particular vibration that arises from their molecular composition and radiates into the universe. Crystals are also unique due to their magnetic tendencies, being able to absorb negative energies from our mind, body, and spirit. In return they give us fresh vibes that can uplift our mood, mind, and mental health in a similar way that essential oils and aromatherapy do. 




Just like healing crystals, our thoughts and feelings vibrate and radiate a signal into the universe and in turn attract a matching signal back. This process, referred to as the Law of Attraction, states that ‘like attracts like’. When the energy of our thoughts and feelings vibrate at the same frequency as what it is we are seeking the universe goes above and beyond to turn it into reality.

So to manifest all the beautiful things we desire in life we must tune our thoughts, feelings, intentions, and actions to the same exact frequencies as our desires.  

Since crystals are all naturally extracted from the earth they retain the energies of the sun, moon, and ocean (all natural healing energies). Placing crystals on our body or wearing a crystal bracelet allows them to emit those positive vibrations into our mind and body. 

By combining these powerful vibrations with clear intentions, crystal bracelets become an excellent manifestation tool creating a clear connection between your thoughts, energy, and your desired transformation. This realignment gives you the power to manifest lasting change across all areas of your life, no matter what your goals are.



Now that you understand why crystals are used in manifestation practices we can dive into how to actually use them. If you believe in the magical powers of crystals and make it a habit to follow this step by step guide on a daily basis, there are no limitations as to what you can manifest in your life. Take the first step now and Transform Your Life so You Can Transform The World Around You!



When you receive your crystal bracelet you must first build a connection or attunement to your crystal bracelet. 

The following activation prayer is a ritual for you to connect with and attune to your crystal bracelet at soul level. You can do this crystal activation once or whenever you feel called. My recommendation is to learn to listen to your intuition and do it as often as needed.

Click here to download and print a free PDF version of the activation prayer. I recommend taping it to your mirror so you have it ready to go when needed.


Healing Crystal Bracelet Activation Prayer 

1) Hold your crystal bracelet in your left hand (since your left side is your receiving side) and bring it to your heart.

2) Take a deep breath and imagine a flower opening in your heart space, revealing an inner white light and say the following out loud: 


Crystal Bracelet Activation Prayer by everlur



3 Minute Daily Crystal Manifestation Routine

1) When you wake up and are ready to wear your bracelet first hold it in your left hand (since your left side is your receiving side) and close your eyes.

2) Take a few deep breaths.

3) Focus on your particular intention. Without clarity of intention, your manifesting cannot function so be “crystal” clear about what you want.

When you work with crystals and stones, intention is key. Passive and empty gestures don't work. Your crystals need your presence and intention to absorb your energy and radiate it to the universe. So if there is only one thing you do when you wear your crystals every morning, it is to be conscious about that gesture. 

Be there, even if it’s for just a few seconds. This is the best way to inform your mind and body that you have access to this special support during the day and can ask the energy of your crystals to guide you.

If you have an everlur bracelet you can also focus on the particular affirmation that comes with your bracelet card. If you don’t have one check out everlur’s product pages to get inspiration or you can also choose any affirmation that resonates with you.

Healing crystal bracelet for manifesting money and wealth.


4) Repeat your affirmation 3 times out loud. 

Here’s the kicker:

Saying your affirmation out loud and speaking the words powerfully with emotion behind your tone is 10 times more powerful than whispering it or even silently repeating it. The more emotion you put behind your words the easier it is for your subconscious mind to classify them as truth.

5) Take 2 minutes (more or less depending on the amount of time you have) to visualize what it FEELS like to already have what you desire.  

For example, if you desire physical or mental health, visualize yourself strong, healthy and energetic going on a beautiful hike breathing in the cold air, feeling alive, and unstoppable. Really FEEL yourself celebrating your achievement and continue to repeat your affirmations. 

6) Go about your day and use your bracelet as a daily reminder of your specific intention. Every time you notice your bracelet throughout the day take a deep breath and repeat your affirmation.

7) Listen to your intuition throughout your day and take inspired action towards your goals.

That little voice that you usually tell to shut up is your internal guidance system that wants nothing more than for you to succeed so Listen To It! Learn to listen to your heart, your intuition, your gut, whatever you want to call it. Listen and Take Action! The universe is communicating with you and the more you walk towards the guidance that’s given to you the more magic you will experience in your life.




Healing Crystal Bracelets For Manifestation



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