If you're looking to find love and manifest your soulmate, make sure to apply these 10 manifestation steps to your life and download my free comprehensive guide on How To Manifest Love. It includes 12 Actionable Steps that you can directly apply to your life to create a massive transformation.


I've been married to my best friend for 14 years now and wholeheartedly believe that everyone is destined to find love. 


If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction then you probably know that manifestation is an internal process. It requires a lot of inner healing work, personal awareness, forgiveness, changes in your thought and belief patterns, and self-love. At last, you have to believe, trust, and, surrender to the process wholeheartedly and have faith in yourself and your power to create whatever you desire.


If you are the type of person who:

  • Always falls into the wrong relationships

  • Falls in love with men/women that are not a good match

  • Struggles to find intimate love that's real 

  • Is tired of sleeping alone at night

  • Is ready to make some major changes to transform their love life


Then you are in the right place. I want you to read this article carefully, download my Free How To Manifest Love Workbook and apply at least three of the steps to your life today.


STEP 1. Love yourself first.


This first step may sound like a cliché but it is absolutely fundamental in attracting true love into your life. If you don’t truly love yourself, you don’t feel that you are deserving or worthy of receiving love which may lead you to block or self-sabotage your manifestations.


If your relationships are short lived or the type of people you decide to date disrespect you or treat you poorly it is most likely because you have a low sense of self-worth and have forgotten what it means to love yourself deeply. 


Self-love is an ongoing journey of healing, self-discovery, self-acceptance, and confidence to be your authentic self. For Actionable Steps on how to love yourself more check out Step 6-7 in the How To Manifest Love Blog.


Some of my favorite ways to practice self-love are saying positive I am affirmations as I look at myself in the mirror. You can download and print 16 of the most powerful love affirmations below. 




I also love to wear my everlur Confidence and Self-worth bracelet every day which reminds me to say my affirmations and re-program my subconscious mind into believing that I'm worthy of finding love.


Bracelets to manifest self love and confidence

Love & Relationship Bracelet          Confidence & Self-Worth Bracelet



STEP 2. Don’t stress over finding someone.


I have single friends who are obsessed with being in a relationship. They would literally be with anyone just to feel loved. It’s almost like they are terrified of being alone with themselves. This ties a bit into step one. Think about it… if you can't handle being alone with yourself then how do you expect someone else to be with you.


To manifest your soulmate you must become a vibrational match to love. In this scenario, when you constantly stress and worry about finding someone, you are giving off the vibration of lack and scarcity of love which only manifests more stress and loneliness into your life.  


Instead of overthinking and overanalyzing your life, practice your love affirmations on a daily basis to raise your vibration. Believe in yourself and your ability to manifest your soulmate and know that everything is always working out for you.


I know you want to see and touch and feel your soulmate in order for you to believe that love is really possible for you but in order to manifest effectively, you must first believe it in order to see it manifest into form. 



STEP 3. Journal about your ideal relationship.


Ask and you shall receive!


You need to be very specific about what you want from the universe in order to manifest it. Now this doesn’t mean that you need to write down all the physical characteristics of your soulmate. This step is more about getting really clear on WHAT kind of relationship you want, WHY you want it, and HOW you want it to make you feel.


Download my free How To Manifest Love Workbook to get 10 specific journal questions to help you get crystal clear on the type of relationship you want to manifest. 


Here is an example: My soulmate makes me feel loved, respected, and wanted. When I am with this person, I feel happy and fulfilled. My soulmate is emotionally mature and stable and loves me unconditionally. When they touch me it feels warm, it feels like love, it feels like butterflies, it feels like joy, it feels like passion.

P.S. Avoid using words like "I want" and "I wish". Always write in present tense as if your soulmate is already in your life right now. 



STEP 4. Use crystals for attracting love in your manifestation journey.


Crystals are powerful tools that have been used for thousands of years for healing and manifestation practices. Here is what makes them so powerful and why I decided to dedicate an entire business to help people manifest with crystals


Your subconscious mind which controls 95% of your current reality stores past memories and negative feelings that relate to your experiences of love  (e.g. receiving or not receiving love from parents, heartbreak, breakups, feelings of abandonment, etc.) All of this stored information is energy that vibrates at a very low frequency in your body and you're not even aware of it. If not processed and healed correctly, it lowers your entire vibrational frequency over time and manifests more of the same feelings (more heartbreak, loneliness, sadness, etc.) into your life (you see this show up as patterns). This is where you are most likely at right now.


Because crystals are derived from the earth they store, generate, and vibrate with the energies of the earth and nature. When you come into contact with crystals that have the right healing properties, they raise and rebalance your body's energy so that you don't subconsciously operate from a place of fear and heartbreak and rather from a place of love and worthiness.


I like to think of crystals as external hard drives because they are earthly materials that store information. This information within the crystal vibrates at a specific frequency and the crystal radiates that energy out into your body. By using crystals that have the right healing properties, aka the right information (e.g. rose quartz or moonstone which are used to heal the heart) the crystal's healing information is translated into your body to balance the energy in your heart center and raise your vibration.


Your heart center is the major energy center where you give and receive love. By wearing rose quartz on your body (for example in the form of a rose quartz crystal bracelet) with the intention to heal unresolved heart issues and attract love into your life, you're using 3 powerful tools (crystal healing + intentions + affirmation) to become a vibrational match to love.


Love & Relationship Bracelet Stack For Manifesting Love

Love & Relationship Bracelet Stack



STEP 5. Visualize your ideal relationship and focus on the feelings.


Now that you've written down how you want your ideal relationship to make you feel, it is time to visualize it in your mind and really FEEL as if it's already real. Feeling all the emotions in your body as if your soulmate is already in your life is how you become a vibrational match to love. Feel the love, feel the touch, feel, feel, and feel.


The secret (and the hardest part) when visualizing, is to feel the emotions in your body every day even though logically you know that it's not true. It's almost like you're playing a game of make believe with your mind.


When you feel emotions, your subconscious mind can't tell the difference between what is real and what is fake and automatically thinks that you're experiencing the images now. The more your subconscious believes that what you are feeling is already a reality for you, the faster it manifests it into your physical reality for you to see, feel, and touch. 


If you want to be with someone who makes you feel joyous, happy, and loved, focus on doing things that invoke those same type of feelings in you now. By doing this, you raise your own vibration to the frequency of love and happiness and will naturally attract someone to you who matches that same frequency.


I love working with crystals when I'm doing embodiment work. Every time I catch a glimpse of my Crystal Manifestation Bracelet, I am reminded to take a moment to feel into my desires. For manifesting love, I recommend our Love & Relationship Bracelet with natural rose quartz and moonstone.

If you have never worked with crystals to manifest your desires, make sure to check out our article How To Manifest With Crystals And Crystal Jewelry. 





STEP 6. Let go of your past relationships.


For many people who experienced negative relationships in the past it's easy to hold on to the anger, sadness, betrayal, heartache, shame, guilt, and pain that comes with the experience. You hold on to these feelings for years and allow your past to mean something about you and your future which is exactly why you find yourself in the same dating patterns and experiences over and over again. Unless you learn to process and let go of what no longer serves you, you'll continue to manifest similar experiences into your future.


And as much as these feelings are absolutely validated, they are blocking you and holding you back from manifesting your soulmate so it's finally time to let go of them. The only person who is suffering by keeping these emotions inside of your vibrational field is unfortunately you. 


The most effective process to let go of past relationships is the act of forgiveness. It's important to note that forgiveness is not about forgiving someone's wrongful actions towards you or tolerating hurtful behavior. Forgiveness is about freeing yourself from the emotional baggage that's keeping you stuck where you are right now. 


Forgive the people who have wronged you and most importantly forgive yourself for anything that makes you feel guilty or shameful. Let go of the past and know that nothing means anything about you or what you're capable of manifesting into your future. 


For a complete breakdown on how to practice Forgiveness, check out Step 4 in my How To Manifest Love blog and download the Forgiveness Prayer below.




STEP 7. Don’t distract yourself with shallow relationships.


If you truly want to be with your soulmate it's time to accept that you can't settle for anything less. Be selective and don’t fall for physical attraction over true love. Trust me, this will only hurt your sense of self-worth and will only leave you feeling more lonely.


In addition, while you are busy wasting time with someone who isn’t deserving of your attention, you may be passing by your soulmate and not even know it. In every moment, keep in mind that what you tolerate is what you manifest more of. Stay focused on what you want and how you want to feel and don't let anyone distract you from moving forward.



STEP 8. Surround yourself with happy couples.


I know this one can be hard. Being around happy couples who are in love while you are single and mildly jealous of their relationship isn’t easy. However, only surrounding yourself with other single friends who are just as sad and lonely as you will only manifest more of those lonely feelings into your life.


Don’t avoid your friends who are in happy relationships. Be happy for them and bless their love and always wish them well. Remember whatever feelings you project out will come back to you tenfold. 


In addition, when you gossip, speak badly about other couples, or feel a heavy amount of jealousy towards others, your subconscious mind internalizes your words and feelings as if it's true for you. Saying things like "ugh I hate watching them be so in love" basically means you'll manifest more loneliness so you can keep hating other people being in love. 


STEP 9. Practice gratitude.


This is one of my favorite steps in the manifestation process because gratitude is truly one of the most high vibe emotions you can feel. When you simmer in the emotion of appreciation there is little room to feel sad, angry, or lonely which is why a consistent gratitude practice is so powerful. Invest in everlur's Gratitude Bracelet to add a consistent gratitude practice to your day. 


Gratitude bracelet for manifestation

Gratitude Bracelet


How grateful would you be if you already had that special someone in your life? What are some areas in your life that are already going really well? Be grateful for your health, the roof over your head, the food you get to eat every day, friends and family who love and support you.



STEP 10. Your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world.


This step is about realizing that what you're currently experiencing in your physical reality is probably how you're feeling inside. And how you're feeling inside manifests into your physical reality.


Clean up the physical clutter in your life. Clean up your home, your bedroom, closet, your car, your wallet, purse, etc. Wear clothing and jewelry that make you feel abundant and loved. I wear my everlur Love and Relationship bracelet every day to trigger feelings of self-love and acceptance within myself.





I hope this article was helpful to you. I wholeheartedly believe that real intimate love is meant to find you as long as you're open and receptive to it. When times are tough, be willing to see beyond what you're experiencing and know that your desires are destined to manifest into form.

The most important part of manifestation is believing in yourself and never giving up. 90% of the time it's going to feel like nothing is working and even then you must move forward as if it is. The universe likes to show up in the eleventh hour which is why it's so important for you to keep unwavering faith in what's possible for you. I know that your success is inevitable. #yougotthis


Did you enjoy this article? If so, it's time to dive into my 12 step process to manifest love


  • candice: December 04, 2023
    Author image

    I really heard and resonated with all the steps, and I got it! Thank You! I am grateful to be in a place where I am getting it.
    I am currently still living with my ex spouse because our economy sucks and its what I have to do, however, I am using the power in how I feel reading this to Manifest the life that starts to lead me toward my bestfriend. Wish me luck, as I finally get it and embark on a healing and soul finding journey

  • Neil Easter : November 19, 2023
    Author image

    I’m not looking for love. I only want money., and to move to California. Those are my dreams not love or sex. Thanks anyway but I love myself and love being alone.

  • mary jo verissimo: November 22, 2022
    Author image

    I enjoyed reading this article and yes I believe you should never settle. Settling, like most couples do just brings more loneliness.

  • Reese: June 14, 2022
    Author image

    Awesome article writing regarding manifesting your soulmate. I enjoy reading this.

  • Chathuranga: June 02, 2022
    Author image

    really grateful you about this article..

  • Nit: May 09, 2022
    Author image

    Great Writing.

  • Nit: May 09, 2022
    Author image

    Great Writing.

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