how to manifest your soulmate couple hugging and touching their heads and smiling

How To Manifest Your Soulmate. 10 Steps To Help You Attract Love.

Here are 9 steps using the Law of Attraction to manifest your soulmate. Read what you should do to manifest love into your life or if you already are in a...
Money is an unlimited resource that is always flowing my way. 55 Money Affirmations to transform your finances. Woman holding a stack of cash

55 Money Affirmations To Transform Your Finances

Learn how to use money affirmations to completely transform your financial reality. 55 powerful affirmations for manifesting more money, wealth, and abundance.
women counting money

Best Times To Utilize The Law Of Attraction To Manifest Money. Practical Tips.

Read some practical tips on how to use the law of attraction to manifest money.
Harmony & Balance When It's Needed The Most

Harmony & Balance When It's Needed The Most

I woke up this morning and put on my Harmony & Balance bracelet on because I felt that was what I needed the most. Then I took a few deep...
Look For Signs From The Universe-everlur

Look For Signs From The Universe

Today I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. There are signs from the universe all around us. We just have to live mindfully enough and be observant...
I AM A POWERFUL CREATOR - How I went from depression to running my own successful business.-everlur

I AM A POWERFUL CREATOR - How I went from depression to running my own successful business.

"You see when you let go of doubts and fear, you finally unleash your inner power to create miracles!" Read how Saba went from depression to building a business that...
Our Trip to Istanbul-Turkey (June 2019)-everlur

Our Trip to Istanbul-Turkey (June 2019)

Read how we manifested meeting our family from Iran after 23 years in Istanbul, Turkey and what we learned from this trip.
I am a powerful creator

Having a bad day? Read this.

As I'm going through my journey of self-discovery and manifestation and trying to relay that message to others, I have been coming across some resistance about something that made me... Read More
Law of Attraction & Gemstone Bead Jewelry-everlur

Healing Crystals and Manifestation

Gemstones can help us manifest our desires into our physical reality. Read this post to find out how.
How Law of Attraction has helped me-everlur

How Law of Attraction has helped me

My basic understanding of Law of Attraction was that like attract like. I had read somewhere that our thoughts and words always have to be formulated in a positive way....