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Look For Signs From The Universe

My sister Saba and I grew up in Iran and so naturally we were born into Islam as our religion. Thankfully our parents were amazing parents and they never forced us to believe or practice our religion. However, growing up in that culture we witnessed a lot of superstition. If you sneezed it meant you have to wait, if your ears were ringing someone was talking about you, if someone had good news to share, we had to knock on wood, if someone got sick it meant they were struck by an evil eye. Although today I don't believe in superstition, I do believe that we can receive signs from the universe and that everything in our physical reality is a manifestation of our thoughts on an energetic level.


A few years ago (years after we had immigrated to the U.S.) when my sister was in college and I was living the married life she told me how she had been seeing certain number sequences over and over again. Every time she looked at her watch or her phone it was 11:11 or 12:12. Back then we didn’t know much about angel numbers or even what the laws of the universe were.


My journey with Law of Attraction began with the Movie “The Secret” which I only watched half way through. I got the point, which was like attracts like. Keep your thoughts positive and you will attract positive things into your life. I also knew that the Law of Attraction was the law of inclusion, so I had to formulate everything in my head and out loud in a positive way. For example, saying I do not like white flowers would also manifest itself into white flowers. So I had to focus on what I wanted and not what I didn’t want.


I really started seeing signs about three years ago when I quit my corporate job to move to Lake Havasu City with my family. After years of working a comfortable job and getting paid a nice amount with benefits and PTOs, I started my own real estate business. Law of Attraction made an appearance in my life again after I had to get my butt up and go and make some money and make the best out of my situation as a mom of two under two in a new town.


Once I started really diving into the principles of Law of Attraction I started seeing number sequences just like my sister had seen a few years back. Somewhere online I came across angle numbers one day and had to message my sister and let her know what I had found.

Numerology.com has a great article on angel numbers you can read here.

That year the universe was communicating with me in other ways too. I would randomly meet people for example in the line at the grocery store, and they would open up to me and say something that I really needed to hear. One day I got the contact information of a lady who wanted to sell her house. I called and met with her that day and after she had walked me through her house we sat in her backyard to talk and she held my hand and said a prayer for me. Then she said I will give you the most valuable lesson about money. She made her hands into fists and said, if you hold on to money like this, it will never grow. You need to let it go in order for it to grow. A warm feeling washed over me as she said her prayer and tears rolled down my cheeks. I was working really hard that year and not seeing much come from it. I left her place at peace. It was a strange experience.


Today I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. There are signs from the universe all around us. We just have to live mindfully enough and be observant enough to see them. The universe can communicate with us in many ways. Some people receive messages by seeing number sequences, others hear those messages through other people or even animals. My sister and I took a random picture in Istanbul while traveling and after looking at the picture we discovered a hidden message. Something we really needed to hear at the time. Read that story here.


The best way to get messages from your angels/universe/God/higher power, whatever it is that you believe in, is to meditate and quiet your mind. There is so much noise going on in our heads all the time. By meditating and really centering your energy and asking the universe a simple question, you will see how the answer will show up for you in the most unexpected ways. So today I encourage you to heighten all your senses and look for signs from the universe.





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