Our Trip to Istanbul-Turkey (June 2019)-everlur

Our Trip to Istanbul-Turkey (June 2019)

“As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.” Rumi

If you have been following our story through our business or you know us personally, you probably know that our family immigrated from Iran 25 years ago. Since our parents were political activists there, we never went back, accepting our new reality of starting from zero and building our lives back up twice, in two different countries. Read the longer version of our story here on the site: about us


We have a very close knit family in Iran that we left behind. Over the years we saw a few of them as they got the opportunity to travel and see us. But the latest political climate between the US and Iran have made it challenging for them to visit us. Last time we had seen our grandmother was over 10 years ago and some family members we hadn’t seen for over 23 years. 


On June 22, 2019 we manifested a trip to Turkey, where we were reunited with our family members who still live in Iran. It was a dream come true. Nevertheless, our trip to Istanbul was more than just a family reunion. Perhaps you could call it a spiritual experience, a soul searching journey, an awakening of long lost feelings. We felt an intensity of love we had forgotten existed deep down in our hearts. I felt pain that resurfaced and an intense feeling of gratitude for the power within me to create and for the universe to give answers whenever questions are asked.

There is 18 hours of travel time from Phoenix, Arizona to Istanbul, Turkey and for me there’s another 3.5 hour drive from a small beautiful speckle on earth called Lake Havasu City. From Havasu to Istanbul I had plenty of time to reflect on my life, on my business, on my mindset, the limiting beliefs that I still need to work on, and the emotional roller coaster that I was about to embrace with an open heart.


Leaving Iran, exactly 23 years ago on July of 1996, was as bittersweet as traveling to Istanbul on this day and when it was time to go back to the US. Twenty three years is long enough time to come to terms with the realities of a new life. Twenty three years is long enough time to settle the heartache of missing loved ones. Fast forward to the moment when we were sitting in that shuttle bus in Istanbul that took Saba and I from the airport to the hotel, I felt like crossing a bridge to a place that was buried deep in my heart. Tears were rolling down my cheeks every time a thought of meeting everyone crossed my mind again. This was real, manifested into my physical reality, and happening.

The divine timing felt long but the excitement felt incredible and worth it. I felt like a true powerful creator.

I wasn’t planning on going to Turkey up until six days before the start of the trip and it wasn’t until everything fell into place that I knew I wasn’t meant to miss this trip and ponder on the what ifs for the rest of my life.

Everything in life happens for a reason and has a purpose and this entire trip was purposeful from the moment the manifestation of it happened.  

Saba and Shokouh founders of everlur a spiritual clothing and jewelry brand in Istanbul Turkey.

Istanbul was an amazing city but let’s face it, even if it was the last hole on earth I still would have had an amazing time with people I knew love us unconditionally. Regardless, I was sucked in to the beautiful culture, architecture, food, and music that Istanbul had to offer. We did a lot of sightseeing and we also laughed a lot, danced a lot, sang a lot, hugged a lot, ate a lot, cried a lot, drank Turkish tea and coffee and smoked the hookah a lot, and most importantly we loved and cherished every second of it.

On the way there, on our 10 hour flight from London to Istanbul, Saba and I talked about success and our business and how we could reach and inspire more people. Universe, as always, gave us an answer while we were in Istanbul. One through a photo that someone took of Saba with hundreds of people walking by her on the streets of Istanbul with a guy in the photo wearing a shirt that said “success is a journey, not a destination”. This message made so much sense to us and felt so right. We realized it wasn’t about how to get to our destination but about how we could enjoy and embrace this journey we are on. I really love what a lot of spiritual and motivational teachers say,

“life is always happening for you, not to you”.

Law of attraction was on our mind while we were there and we met other like minded individuals who believed in the power of mind and manifestation. Our youngest uncle and his wife, who live in Iran, shared with us how they meditate, visualize, and manifest. Our other uncle, who is the CEO of a very successful shoe company that started with our grandfathers small shoe shop in Isfahan, shared some eye opening business advice with us. 

On my way back, I didn’t have seats reserved, but I trusted that the universe will seat me where I was meant to be. I was amazed that I had a seat next to a friendly individual who helped me repair something that had been preoccupying my mind.

I felt so grateful that this “vacation” was filled with so much wisdom that the universe was transmitting to us in unexpected ways. We felt incredible, high vibe, and fulfilled.

 The heartache of saying goodbye to the family was very real. I couldn’t hold my tears on my last day. Interestingly though, once I left the hotel, although my heart was heavy, it also felt peaceful.

Deep down I knew that if we manifested this once we could do it again. 


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