I AM A POWERFUL CREATOR - How I went from depression to running my own successful business.-everlur

I AM A POWERFUL CREATOR - How I went from depression to running my own successful business.

Growing up I was always told that I needed to be perfect. I had to get perfect grades, go to the best school, go to college, get my bachelors, my masters, get a corporate job at a reputable company that was secure, had amazing benefits, and paid me a lot of money.

This path is what I was taught to be the definition of success. So that's the exact path I followed to make others proud thinking it was going to bring me happiness and a sense of fulfillment. I got my masters degree and went on to work for corporate America and after about 2 years I felt the most unhappy and unfulfilled I had felt in my entire life.

Three years prior, I had lived my dream job of performing and dancing professionally while I was in college which were some of the best years of my life. In turn I gave all of that up convincing myself that I needed a corporate career in order to have a successful life, make more money, and live happily ever after. And there I was sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day taking phone calls and feeling like I was a complete failure. I wasn't making the amount of money I felt like I deserved, working a job that made me feel like my skills were being completely underutilized. I felt like such a failure.

I started to interview for other jobs and interview after interview I was being rejected. Every time I was told "you did amazing but you don't have enough experience". "Your interview went great but we picked someone else". "We really enjoyed the interview But…". I felt so terrible about myself. I felt like judgements about my skills were being made based on my background not based on my capabilities to accomplish what they needed, and I let it get to me.

I thought that I wasn't good enough and was depressed for a long time ready to give up because I was listening to their voices. I thought life was unfair not understanding why these things were happening to me when all my life I have had this vision of success for myself. One night I was so depressed I remember being in my bedroom, falling to my knees, crying hysterically, not knowing what to do.

This moment was when my entire life changed. I felt so much pain in that moment that I broke down and had an enlightenment that changed the entire course of my life. I remembered a moment from my teenage years. A moment when I had come across a book called The Secret at age 13. A book that had created a big miracle in my life that I had forgotten about. It was like a flashback that flashed in front of my eyes while I was crying, and so I thought, if I was able to create a miracle back then I can do it again!

I hated the feeling of sadness and failure. That wasn't me. I wanted to feel passionate, happy, and excited for life. I wanted to be someone who does something meaningful, inspires, and contributes. And so I made a conscious decision in that moment. I decided to surrender and change my focus.

The next day I got up and I read every article I could find on law of attraction and manifestation. I watched YouTube videos, found motivational speakers, life coaches, and bought multiple books I wanted to start reading to learn how I could manifest a fulfilling life. I realized that I had the power to create my own reality and the choice to choose my feelings and emotions in any given moment.

I started to focus on gratitude and felt appreciative of my life and all of the things that were going right instead of the things that were missing. I felt grateful every morning just because I woke up and felt my heartbeat which was a sign that I was alive ready to do something amazing. I started to focus on self love and reprogrammed my mind to believe that I deserved only the best.

I completely changed my mindset and focused on positivity and started to meditate once a day to quite my mind. I changed my language and was very careful about what I would say out loud making sure that my words would only empower me. I stopped listening to all the voices around me and finally created a vision for my own life.

Powerful Creator Stories

My entire life changed and one opportunity after another started manifesting itself into my reality. I randomly found out my sister had been obsessed about manifestation too and one day we decided that we wanted to build a business together. A business that would inspire others to go after their dreams. A business that would show others that they have the power to manifest their wildest dreams just like we do every single day. A business that empowers. A business that talks to all of the Powerful Creators in this world because in that moment I felt like a Powerful Creator of my own life. I was deliberately creating my own destiny.

You see when you let go of doubts and fear, you finally unleash your inner power to create miracles! I live my dream now every single day working on a business that brings me so much joy and happiness. I now know that I AM A POWERFUL CREATOR ready to live my life on my own terms!


 What is your Powerful Creator Story?


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