5 Gemstones For Natural Anxiety Relief

5 Gemstones For Natural Anxiety Relief

Life can become overwhelming at times and stress and anxiety inevitable. If you have been feeling anxious and are looking for a natural relief from anxiety and panic attack, consider deepening your spiritual practice with the help of anxiety relief gemstone bracelets.  

Crystals have been used for many years to cure ailments and protect us from negative energy and disease. Although science hasn’t yet proven the effectiveness of many beautiful semi-precious gemstones, those who believe in their healing powers believe that gemstones allow positive healing energy to enter the body and draw out negative disease causing energy. That is why they are a great tool for anxiety relief. 

In our effort to create the perfect anxiety relief bracelet we extensively researched different gemstones and their healing properties for relief from anxiety, stress, and panic attacks. If you do prefer to keep single stones at home or are interested in learning the gemstones used in our anxiety relief bracelet, here are 5 gemstones that have calming anti anxiety properties: 



Amethyst Crystal have protective properties.

Amethyst is a powerful protective stone that purifies the mind of stressful thoughts so you can find relief from anxiety. The calming energy of Amethyst also nourishes the nervous system, balances your emotions, and encourages you to trust your intuition. Amethyst is a great anxiety relief stone. 

Amethyst and howlite bracelet for a calming anxiety relief healing experience.

Amethyst- Health & Wellbeing Bracelet


Angelite beads for relieving anxiety and panic attacks.

Find anxiety relief with the help of Angelite’s calming energy. This beautiful blue stone helps to banish negative emotions such as anger, fear, and anxiety by converting them into feelings of peace and serenity. This powerful healing stone also encourages forgiveness and reminds you that your angels are always watching over you.

Angelite, rose quartz, and jade gemstone bracelet for gratitude and anxiety relief.

Angelite- Gratitude Bracelet



Rose Quartz Beads for unconditional love and to keep you calm and anxiety free


Rose Quartz has a strong loving and calming energy. This symbol of unconditional love encourages you to love yourself and to be compassionate towards your anxiety healing journey.

Rose Quartz- Love Stack

rose quartz and moonstone bracelet for love, selflove, compassion.

Rose Quartz - Love & Relationship Bracelet 



 Sodolite is a great stone for anxiety and panic attacks.

Sodolite balances your emotions to ease anxiety and panic attacks. It’s healing energy dissolves guilt, fear, and self-punishment by bridging the gap between your heart and mind, bringing clarity to mental confusion and aiding in anxiety relief.

Sodalite and white jade bracelet for balance and harmony and relief from anxiety.

Sodalite- Harmony & Balance Bracelet


Lava beads can be used in aromatherapy as a diffuser.

Lava stones have powerful grounding properties that help bring back your energy out of your head and back into your body to stop the cycle of stressful and anxious thoughts. Lava stones come from deep within the earth and have powerful grounding properties. When you mediate with lava or wear lava stone jewelry, you benefit from these grounding and calming energies. This can give much needed relief from anxiety and stress. The white lava can be used as a diffuser with lavendar essential oil or an anti-anxiety oil blend to enhance the healing properties.

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White lava chakra balancing bracelet for anxiety relief

Lava- Chakra Balancing Bracelet

We have put all of these five stones into one beautiful Anxiety Relief Bracelet that can be used with essential oils. 

Anxiety Relief Bracelet Stack

Anxiety Relief Bracelet Stack

Anxiety Relief Bracelet




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