33 Positive Affirmations to Reduce Anxiety and Find Inner Peace

33 Positive Affirmations to Reduce Anxiety and Find Inner Peace

Did you know that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S. impacting more than 40 million adults every year? If you suffer from anxiety you know exactly what it feels like. It is uncomfortable and stressful for your mind and body. If you think about all of the times you’ve had anxiety you may realize that during these times your thoughts and feelings are mainly rooted in fear, worry, and self-doubt. Your inner world feels chaotic and out of alignment with your true self. In this state you cannot think straight, are more likely to make fear based decisions, and are paralyzed by the thought of taking action towards your goals.

Positive affirmations to reduce anxiety and find inner peace

During these uncertain times affirmations can be a powerful tool to get you back into alignment with your higher self and help you find inner peace. Affirmations for anxiety are positive statements that you repeat to yourself with the intention of influencing your thoughts and feelings so you can find relief. During periods of anxiety this practice can ground you and help you find peace in the moment knowing that you are always taken care of. It can also help you practice compassion, self-love, and strengthen your sense of worthiness and confidence in yourself. So next time you feel overwhelmed by your anxious thoughts and find it difficult to refocus, use affirmations to change your thought patterns and take back control. 


Benefits of using positive affirmations when you have anxiety

Here are some of the benefits of incorporating affirmations into your daily life: 

  • Relief from negative thoughts

  • Changes the narrative of the stories you tell yourself 

  • Boost your mood 

  • Increases self confidence and feelings of self-worth 

  • Increases motivation

  • More optimistic view on life

  • Improves your lifestyle

  • Allows you to see your circumstances from a different perspective so you can solve problems 

  • Increases feelings of inner peace

  • Builds confidence in your ability to achieve your goals 


Identify your negative thoughts

Gaining awareness of your negative thoughts is the first step in finding relief. Just set the intention that you will from now on try to identify your negative thought patterns. You will see that soon you will start to recognize them as soon as they come up.

Giving these negative thoughts too much energy and allowing them to take over for more than 90 seconds will manifest more and more of these thoughts in your head.

Before you know it you are going down a rabbit hole and the anxiety starts to build. You want to catch these thoughts right away so you are aware of what’s happening in your mind and declare that these thoughts don’t control you. This gives you the chance to reframe the stories and move your thoughts into a more positive direction. 


For example, if you find yourself thinking “I’m so stupid, why is this happening to me”, identify that this thought does not serve you and instead declare “I love myself and I accept myself and I’m exactly where I’m meant to be in life”. Instead of talking down on yourself be gentle and non-judgmental. Ask yourself what you learned from this situation as everything in life is a learning experience. You will find that your anxiety will weaken and you can take baby steps towards inner peace. 


How do I choose the right affirmation for me?

When you have anxiety, your mind tends to be very chaotic, your thoughts may be racing, and your heartbeat heightened. During this stressful time it’s important for you to choose affirmations that are grounding and calming for your nervous system. If an affirmation is too complicated or too unrealistic, you may struggle to believe your words, and therefore not benefit from this amazing practice. That is why I recommend keeping your affirmations simple but empowering. If you’re unsure which affirmation to choose, just pick one that you intuitively connect with and feels good to you when spoken out loud.


For example, if you’re faced with a situation that generates fear, such as meeting new people, travelling, or speaking in public try using positive affirmations that acknowledge your fear but reframe your anxious thoughts. 

  • These anxious feelings are not dangerous. It’s just a feeling that’s uncomfortable. I know that I’m safe and I’ll make it through this. 

  • It’s safe for me to travel. I’m going to release all expectations and just allow myself to have fun. Everything is going to be okay. 

  • I feel anxious to meet new people but that’s okay. Everyone is here to have fun and all I have to do is just be myself. 

    How do I  remember to say my affirmations?

    There are many different ways you can remind yourself to use your affirmations. The key to finding the right process for you when you are not feeling well emotionally is giving a few a try and figuring out which one you can make a consistent practice to find relief. Remember, affirmations are meant to be repeated consistently so you can change your thought patterns. The more you say them, the more your brain will accept these new suggestions as truth and make you feel better. With practice they will become stronger and stronger and eventually weaken your old thought process.

    My most favorite way to remember my affirmation and keep myself in a state of peace and tranquility is by wearing my everlur Anxiety Relief Manifestation Bracelet. This crystal bracelet is made from all natural amethyst, angelite, rose quartz, sodalite, and lava gemstone beads.

    Anxiety relief healing crystal bracelet

    You can charge the bracelet with your intention and wear it every single day. Because the bracelet sits on your wrist, your eyes will spot it all day long. Every time you catch a glimpse of your bracelet you can take a deep breath and either say your affirmation out loud or internally. My bracelet is now a constant daily reminder of my affirmation and my journey towards inner peace. It has worked miracles in my life and really helped me change my habits and the way I respond to stressful situations. I’ve developed a real relationship with my bracelet and barely take it off these days. 

    Anxiety Relief Crystal Bracelet

    Another fun way to remind yourself of your affirmations is by writing them on little sticky notes or pieces of paper and taping them in areas that you most often hang out in (e.g. bathroom mirror, nightstand, office, on your laptop, kitchen etc.). 

    You can also set alarms with affirmation titles on your IPhone or Android so that your phone reminds you when the alarm goes off. Simply do a google search for “how to set up affirmations on your alarm” to learn this fun little trick. You can also use phone apps that are specifically designed to send you affirmation reminders. If you enjoy receiving a different affirmation to practice every day this may be a fun option for you.  


    22 Affirmation For Anxiety Relief

    1. I’m in control of my emotions. With every breath I feel more relaxed. 

    2. With every inhale I breathe in peace, with every exhale I release tension and anxiety.

    3. I am safe and always taken care of. All is well in my world and everything is working out for my highest good. 

    4. I love myself, I accept myself, I forgive myself. 

    5. I choose to see my world through the eyes of love. 

    6. I feel calm and in control of my emotions. 

    7. I’m prepared and confident for what lies ahead. 

    8. I feel at peace with the unknown. 

    9. I am in charge of how I feel today and I choose to feel happy.

    10.  I invite positive energy into my body and mind. 

    11. I accept and love myself unconditionally. 

    12. I am grounded in the here and now. I am safe and always supported. 

    13. I have the ability to overcome my anxiety and find peace in this moment. 

    14. I am at ease. 

    15. I feel more and more calm with each deep breath I take. 

    16. Today I choose inner peace and happiness. 

    17. My past holds no power over me. I am free to choose a life now that serves me.

    18. I choose to see beauty in everything and everyone I interact with. 

    19. I allow myself to feel my emotions so I can release them. 

    20. It is safe for me to ask for help and comfort when I need it.

    21. I accept the things I cannot change.

    22. I am in control of my thoughts, they don’t control me. 

    23. I am exactly where I’m meant to be in life. 

    24. It’s safe for me to ______. Everything is going to be okay.

    25. These anxious feelings are not dangerous. It’s just a feeling that’s uncomfortable. I know that I’m safe and I’ll make it through this. 

    26. I feel anxious about _____ but I know that I’ll be okay. I’m safe and always taken care of. 

    27.  I am in charge of my breathing. 

    28. My anxiety does not define my life. I have the power to be whoever I want to be. 

    29. I have the strength to move beyond my anxiety and feel inner peace. 

    30. Thank you universe/god for replacing my anxious feelings with inner peace. I feel much calmer now.

    31. I can overcome every obstacle that comes my way. 

    32. I can feel my body relaxing. 

    33. With every breath I feel my body relaxing



      Saba Shojai

      Saba Shojai is a manifestation and mindset expert and coach, certified sound healing practitioner, and one of the co-owners of everlur, a manifestation jewelry brand. Through everlur she has specialized in creating healing crystal bracelets that help women all around the world free their mind of any resistant thoughts, patterns, and beliefs so they can access their inner power to create lasting change across all areas of their life. 


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