Natural rose quartz crystal for a calm mind

How Rose Quartz Helps With Anxiety Relief

Let's talk about Rose Quartz: the stone of the heart and a symbol of unconditional love.


This beautiful pink stone has a soothing energy that helps you feel a strong sense of self-worth and compassion so you can start a loving relationship with your authentic self.

Feelings of anxiety are often times caused by not feeling like you are enough, not loving yourself unconditionally, not feeling worthy of love, money, relationships, or a strong healthy body. Always fearing the worst. Not being able to let go and receive love freely, from yourself or others. Rose Quartz helps with all of that.


Meditating with Rose Quartz opens up the heart, brings you back to the energy of love, and restores trust and harmony within you.


What do we need most of when we have strong negative feelings that keep our mind and body hostage and cause anxiety attacks? We need empathy, compassion, and forgiveness. We need love.


When meditating with Rose Quartz to get relief from anxiety, we need to set that intention. As you wear your bracelet focus on each of the stones. Imagine the beautiful pink Rose Quartz as you close your eyes and repeat these words:


I know that I have been struggling to find love and peace but now I am committed to loving and respecting myself completely. What I am feeling is real and I choose to look at myself only with the energy of love.


Anxiety relief bracelet with rose quartz


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