Learn About How Amethyst Helps With Anxiety And Stress

Learn About How Amethyst Helps With Anxiety And Stress

Let’s learn about Amethyst and why you will find it in our Anxiety Relief Bracelet:

You may already own this beautiful purple stone in your home or have seen it at someone else's house. This very popular stone comes in light pinkish violet to dark purple hues. I find the uneven tones make it even more beautiful. I also personally own a few different amethyst clusters that I have place around the house and love them so much. They are not only beautiful but have very powerful healing properties. 

Amethyst is a powerful protective stone that purifies the mind of stressful thoughts so you can find relief from anxiety and stress. It's protective and purification properties make it a great stone to keep around the house. 

The calming energy of Amethyst also nourishes the nervous system, balances your emotions, and encourages you to trust your intuition. This is so important if you suffer from anxiety. 

Amethyst is great for overall mental and physical health and wellness as well as a great stone for meditation and to soothe anxiety. To meditate with Amethyst, hold your crystal in your hand, or if you own one of our bracelets, wear your bracelet and place your other hand on top, then say your intention to activate the stones. All of our bracelets come with a bracelet activation prayer and suggested affirmations.

An intention for Amethyst could be: I am ready for your healing, protective energy to enter my body and mind and help keep my thoughts calm and my body healthy and well. 


You will find this beautiful healing stone in our Anxiety Relief Bracelet for a calm and peaceful body and mind. 

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Do you currently own any Amethyst crystals or jewelry? Share your experiences with us by commenting here or on our Instagram page. We would love to hear your story.


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