5 best crystals for protection

5 Most Powerful Crystals For Protection & How To Use Them

With all the uncertainty, negativity, and fear roaming around the world it is very important to protect yourself from unwanted negative energy. Your aura is easily penetrated and influenced by the physical and energetic world. Whether you work closely with other people (in person or virtually), frequently scroll on social media, have trouble setting boundaries, or feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, picking up the toxicity around you can really drain your energy and leave you feeling anxious and unmotivated.


 Best crystals for protection



Unprotected and contaminated energy can subconsciously cause a variety of different symptoms that you can’t seem to pin to anything obvious in your life.


Do any of these feelings sound familiar?

  • Random episodes of anxiety

  • Confusion about what the future holds

  • Feeling uneasy on a daily basis unable to find peace

  • Having trouble meditating

  • Bothered by people with different perspectives

  • Feeling attacked and vulnerable

  • Not feeling grounded and safe in your body

  • Feeling more agitated

  • Restless sleep patterns

  • Chaotic dreams

  • Episodes of fear and self-doubt when you’re around other people

  • Finding yourself thinking about and processing other people’s emotions and traumas

  • Manifesting unwanted experiences

  • Not sure why you're feeling anxious

  • Yearning for clarity. Wanting to feel centered. Wishing you could feel a sense of harmony


If any of the above feelings sound familiar, please know that you are not alone. Many people are flustered with these emotions right now. You pick up energy from your surroundings all day long whether you're at home, on your computer, on video chat or in person interacting with others, at work, watching TV, etc. All this external energy, if you're not intentional, can impact you on a physical and emotional level. And the best part is that much of the anxiety you may be feeling is not even yours so you can intentionally protect yourself.



With so many different crystals out there, choosing one or two that are right for you can be quite overwhelming. You might find yourself reading countless articles about crystal properties and be more confused than clear on which one to pick.

If you find yourself in this place, I highly recommend to simply use your intuition to choose the right protection crystal for you. Your intuition always knows what your mind and body need and will guide you to the crystal that will benefit you the most.


Use these 2 simple methods to tap into your intuition and select the right crystals for you:

1. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, bring your awareness to the crown of your head and just see which crystal pops into your mind first. Trust that this is the right protection crystal for you.

2. Look at a few images of protection crystals and see which one immediately stands out to you. Trust that whichever crystal you feel the most drawn to, is the right one for you.



  • Black Tourmaline

  • Black Obsidian

  • Labradorite

  • Amethyst

  • Hematite

 Protection Bracelet


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1. Black Tourmaline - Protection against negative energy and toxic vibrations

Black Tourmaline Protection

Black Tourmaline, known as the "Stone of Protection" is one of the most powerful and popular protective stones against negative energy and toxic vibrations. This potent stone creates a protective shield around your aura so that lower vibrations bounce right off you keeping your energy safe and pure. Black Tourmaline is also deeply connected to your root chakra helping you feel safe and secure in your body and giving you the self- confidence to embrace who you are, speak your truth, and walk fearlessly towards your goals. This is also an excellent stone to facilitate the release of negative thoughts, anger, anxiety, and unworthiness so you can fearlessly manifest your desires.


2. Black Obsidian - Protection against emotional turbulence so you can attract clarity

Obsidian crystals for protection

Black Obsidian - Known as the Guardian stone, is another extremely powerful protective stone that will cleanse, heal, and restore your aura from toxicity by throwing its cloak of protection over your shoulders. Black Obsidian is also a stone of emotional clarity bringing forth uncomfortable feelings and unlocking memories of the past. It brings out deep insecurities, fears, and problematic behaviors so that you can see them clearly for what they are. When we struggle to experience emotions such as anger and fear in a healthy way it can lead to deep emotional resentment and hatred. Obsidian's penetrative vibration will cut through the negative feelings, and unhealthy emotions that hold us back from being fulfilled and reaching our full potential. This brings clarity to the mind, so you know who you truly are. 


3. Labradorite - Transformation of your mind and protection against assumptions and self-defeating thoughts

 Labradorite Crystal

Labradorite - Known as the stone of transformation, helps cast off negative thoughts, behaviors, and ideas so you can transform your life. It is also a powerful protective stone that serves as an active shield by transforming the mind and strengthening our natural intuitive abilities. Labradorite mystical energy encourages new levels of self-discovery, heightened intuition, and the ability to understand new perspectives by protecting against assumptions and self-defeating thoughts. It is also worn as jewelry to protect the mind and body from misfortune, illness, and mental harm as a token of good luck.


4. Amethyst – Spiritual guardian and protection against psychic attacks and ill wishes

 Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst - a powerful healing stone and spiritual guardian is deeply connected to the third eye chakra activating spiritual awareness, heightening intuition, and enhancing psychic abilities. It is also a powerful protective stone protecting the wearer against psychic attacks, and all types of harm including ill wishes from others, transmuting negative energy into love. This vibrant crystal also works closely with one's emotions helping to relieve stress, balancing mood swings, and dispelling anger, fear, and anxiety. Due to its strong spiritual vibration Amethyst also helps in protecting against nightmares and other unpleasant dreams.


5. Hematite – Protection against energy contamination making you feel safe, centered and calm

Hematite Crystal 

Hematite - another powerful protective stone, is connected to the root chakra helping you stay grounded, centered, and calm. Due to its strong connection to the earth it has the ability to absorb toxic emotions holding you back from your natural state of joy and vitality. Throughout your day, oncoming negative energy in your environment or from other people can leave you feeling unsettled. Hematite gives you a strong sense of energetic stability helping you feel protected by guiding you to release any energies that may be destabilizing you. Hematite will calm your troubled mind and put your spirit at ease so you can release any feelings of stress, tension, worry, or nervousness.




There are many ways to use crystals for protection however some may seem more convenient than others. You can hold loose crystals in your hand or keep them in your pocket, wear them as jewelry, or even just have them near you in your home to feel safe, secure, and at peace.


One of the most convenient ways to carry these protection stones with you all day long is by wearing them as crystal jewelry. Crystal bracelets for protection are one of the most popular and easy way to incorporate these stones into your everyday life. They are also one of the most powerful way to protect your entire aura as your hands are constantly moving around you.

 Protection Bracelet

Because bracelets are worn on your wrist rather than placed in your pocket or purse they are also easily spotted by your eyes throughout the day serving as a great reminder of your intention. Every time you catch a glimpse of your Protection Bracelet you remind yourself that you are safe, secure, and divinely protected.


Wearing a Protection Bracelet compared to other types of jewelry or loose crystals also allows you to combine 5 different protective stones with different protective qualities into one powerful piece of jewelry that can benefit you in many areas of your life.


To enhance the protective properties of the stones, I highly recommend also charging the crystals with clear intentions. Crystals are highly sensitive to your mental intentions and must understand what they are here to help you with. Simply stating what you need and desire from the crystals will ensure that you experience the maximum benefits. For simple charging instructions check out Clean, Cleanse, and Charge Crystals and Crystal Jewelry. All everlur crystal bracelets also come with a unique Affirmation that is to be repeated every time you catch a glimpse of the crystals on your wrist. Your Protection Bracelet will then serve as a daily reminder of your protection affirmation and help you set daily intentions to magnify the protective shield around you. 





Natural crystals, especially ones with protective properties, absorb the negative energy in their environment. To benefit from their protective qualities all day long it is important that you keep your raw crystals and crystal jewelry clean, cleansed, and charged. Review How To Cleanse Crystals – Clean, Cleanse, & Charge Crystals & Crystal Jewelry for easy steps.


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    Since a child I love crystals my best one is Amethyst .I believe greatly in it’s powers.

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