Learn About How Sodalite Can Help With Anxiety

Learn About How Sodalite Can Help With Anxiety

Sodalite is one of the stones we have used in our Anxiety Relief Bracelet mainly for it's power to boost your intuition and transform negative emotions into positive, harmonious ones. 


Sodalite balances your emotions to ease anxiety and panic attacks. It’s healing energy dissolves guilt, fear, and self-punishment by bridging the gap between your heart and mind and bringing clarity to mental confusion.


Sodalite boosts your intuition and stimulates your thoughts to give you mental harmony. It also increases your awareness, removing false illusions to allow for emotional balance and inner peace.


If you have ever suffered from anxiety then you understand that guilt and fear can viciously take over you at any time and cause more frustration, negative thoughts, and more anxiety.


Sodalite helps balancing all those emotions and helps you feel more peaceful and calm. At the same time Sodalite awakens the third eye to a more heightened consciousness allowing you to go within and see yourself in a more clear light. 

Meditating with Sodalite will allow you to release anxiety inducing negative thoughts and emotions and changing your perspective of the things around you.


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