What Is A Whole-Hearted Community Bracelet?

What Is A Whole-Hearted Community Bracelet?

Sometime at the beginning of 2019, the Universe brought me to a local women empowerment event here in Arizona. A friend of a friend told me about it and although I didn't have anyone to take with me and the thought of it made me feel uncomfortable, I put on my big girl pants and everlur shirt and Confidence & Selfworth bracelet and headed to the event.

At first I didn't know what to expect but once I got there I knew this was going to be the beginning of something amazing. It was at this event that I met Steff Smith, the founder of a local women's community in Phoenix called Babes & Brews. I immediately felt welcome in her presence and ended up exchanging contact information. 

A few months later we met for coffee and what started as a networking event led to the opportunity of being a vendor at her community launch party. A few more coffee meetups and she approached us to collaborate on a community bracelet and the Whole-Hearted Community Bracelet was born. 

To us, being a wholehearted woman means accepting ones flaws and weaknesses but working on feeling worthy of love and compassion. Once we master self-love and know how to take care of ourselves and fill our own cups first then we can give to others with our whole heart and from a place of honesty and authenticity.

This Whole-Hearted Community Bracelet enhances your sense of belonging, empowerment, love, and strengthens the connection with yourself, with others, and the Divine. The stones in this bracelet symbolize what the Whole-Hearted Babes & Brews Community stands for: a safe & brave space of opportunity, where you can be your authentic self aligned with courage, compassion, and integrity.

As a Whole-Hearted Woman, you understand that your ability to support others starts with you. When you fill your cup first with love and self acceptance, that same radical compassion touches everyone around you. 

The healing energies of the Whole-Hearted Community bracelet will empower you to rediscover your authentic self and to embody the confidence and courage to be aligned with your truth. This will open your heart to the vibration of unconditional love for yourself & others, while unleashing your unlimited potential.

The stones we used for this bracelet are Amazonite, Moonstone, and Howlite. 

Amazonite opens the heart chakra as a harmonious channel of love, connection, and gratitude. It also activates the throat chakra, empowering you to rediscover and speak your truth, free from judgement & misunderstanding.

Moonstone’s feminine energy cleanses the mind of negativity and promotes inner growth, strength, love, and empowerment. 

Howlite is a stone of wisdom and enlightenment that strengthens your connection to your higher consciousness. The stone’s calming energies also reduce stress, anxiety, and remove blockages so you can express your authenticity. 

Wear your Whole-Hearted Community Bracelet and affirm to yourself the following:

I am aligned with my authentic truth and have the courage to follow my heart.  

I am a Wholehearted Woman with unconditional love for all. 


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  • Rachel Urnetta: February 02, 2021
    Author image

    These 3 beautiful collabs are the real deal. I love the energy and integrity that went into creating this unique
    bracelet I was gifted and wear proudly and lovingly each day!

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