The 7 chakras displayed by crystals.

My Experience With Chakra Balancing

Sometime last fall, Saba (my sister and business partner) and I decided to come out with a chakra healing diffuser bracelet. This is basically a gemstone bracelet consisting of 7 stones, each representing one of the chakras, in color and in their healing properties, and the rest of the stones are lava beads, which can be used to diffuse essential oils.


We loved the idea and although we knew there are other ones out there we wanted to create the everlur version so we got to work.



At the time we finalized our version of the chakra bracelet, I was attending our local farmers market as a vendor and decided to show case the chakra bracelet to see what people’s reactions were.


Interestingly that day my booth was neighboring a local masseuse. He was giving a free 15 min massage to attendees. It was early morning when I got there to set up and he was doing the same. So naturally we said hi and introduced ourselves.


Turned out he also was a Reiki Master and did chakra healing as well. He liked our bracelets and showed interest in carrying them in his shop. I told him I would stop by his shop one day to talk. So after the event I wrote him a message and set up an informal business meeting.


About two months before this event, even before we came out with the bracelet, I felt called to get my chakras balanced. I had never done this before, so I started reading about the benefits of it. I knew what the chakras were and what crystals were good for meditating on a specific chakra but I never had someone actually do a healing session on me.


So while I was searching on the internet for a person to balance my chakras, I came across a local spa that offered it. So I emailed the owner and immediately heard back that she does not take any new clients. I responded back and asked for a recommendation for someone in town who did.


The universe works in mysterious ways because she recommended the same guy that I met at the farmers market two months later. Back then I never contacted the guy. I got busy and life happened and I never took action on it.


Well the universe was persistent and when this guy was put right next to me, I jumped on the opportunity and booked a session with him. Before the treatment I was a bit nervous so I looked online for other people’s experiences but then I decided I just needed to go in with no expectations and an open mind.


seven chakras energy centers of the body


The day finally approached and so I arrived at this shop. I had already seen his place before when I had gone for the business meeting but this time I was a customer.


He immediately made me feel very comfortable by making some small talk. The treatment room was very relaxing and he instructed me to lay on my back on the bed and he put a small pillow under my knees.


The lights were very dim but he also asked me if I wanted a weighted cloth on my eyes for added relaxation and I said yes. Then he explained what he was about to do and that he would ask me questions and that if I didn’t feel comfortable answering out loud I didn’t have to. My subconscious mind would give me the answers and it was just important that I was aware of it.


So then he placed crystals on me. I could feel the weight of them on each location where the energy centers are but I couldn’t see which crystals he was using.


Then he began his work starting with the root chakra. I believe that he also had a pendant that would indicate if that specific chakra was off balance or when it was healed and balanced and we could move on.


He had a series of questions that he asked me and I would say the answers out loud and he would tell me if a specific answer made my energy go crazy and then he would ask some follow up questions until my subconscious would be satisfied with that answer and the chakra energy would be balanced.


Throughout the entire experience I felt very relaxed and safe. He told me that I was very receptive and that my chakras would align very quickly but also he had to double check and some of them were already out of alignment again and so he had to go over those twice.


I would say that the entire treatment took about half an hour and he performed Reiki for the remaining half an hour. Interested in learning more about Reiki? Read this article here


After the treatment he asked me to put my bracelet on so the chakras could stay in alignment. He also warned me that I may be tired and very sensitive and aware of my feelings. Well he was right. I felt completely relaxed and tired that day. It was a great feeling.


I felt grounded and I had great clarity about my life without any questions roaming around in my head. Everything felt in its place and I felt an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and trust.

Unfortunately though, my kids had the worst night of their life that night and were pushing my buttons left and right and by the end of the night I felt myself tip over as my daughter had a major melt down.


I remember thinking that as a mom of two toddlers I probably needed to balance my chakras every single day.


Overall I had an amazing experience and I hydrated and kept my bracelet on and did a chakra balancing meditation that night. You can find guided chakra meditations on youtube as well as the free app InsightTimer. This one here is one of my favorites to enjoy at bedtime.


If you are interested in our chakra balancing bracelet, you can find it here.


7 chakra healing bracelet stack



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