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Most people who meet me today see a bold, confident powerhouse who is living a life she is absolutely in love with! I help new coaches, wellness leaders and holistic healers grow their impact and their income through my online business coaching company and I host the most life changing leadership retreats for groups of women I call “warriors”.

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I’m an adventuress who travels around the world, sometimes finding myself in a Bali yoga class next to Russell Simmons, sometimes peaking some of the most challenging Himalayan hikes in Nepal with my best friends, other times, in my Phoenix home being a traditional dog mom.

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If you follow me on social media, or even more exclusively through my email list, you’re usually in for a treat getting to see the entire journey of it all. What most don’t see in the beautiful photos and the epic terrain is everything I’ve had to go through to make this life possible. This is the part I call the Warrior Work.

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Take leaving a 6 year relationship behind, for example, or that time I quit one of the most comfortable jobs I’ve ever had in my life to follow a calling that had no guarantee of success. I can sit here and share many, many stories of triumph, but my point in sharing this is that we’ve all got serious pivotal moments in our journey that lead us to doing the work we are doing now, whether that’s in business or within ourselves.

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We’ve all got our version of “warrior work” to do. My true desire is that you know that you were made for this. That you’ve got everything it takes within you right now to make your version of success possible and that is what I’m committed you discover for yourself in this coaching program or in one of our unique retreat experiences.

Get in touch with Candy through her website www.womanwarriorinyou.com, email: womanwarriorinyou@gmail,com, Instagram: @warriorwomencommunity, or Facebook: facebook.com/womanwarriorinyou


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