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I AM A POWERFUL CREATOR - My Recovery From An Eating Disorder And How I Manifested My Dream Body.

Hello! My name is Tara Brunet, and I am a powerful creator in many ways, but one of the 'biggest' things I've been able to manifest into my reality is recovery from a 16 year Binge Eating/Bulimia/Eating Disorder, healing a herniated disc in my back, AND losing 35lbs while eating everything I want!

The story starts when I herniated the disc in my back. I had been struggling with my eating disorder since the age of 12. I started with Anorexia, which quickly developed into Bulimia, and became debilitating struggle with binge eating for over half my life.

I was working out hours and hours a day to try and compensate for the binges and attempt to lose weight, and in the process ended up herniating a disc in my back. I went from exercising hours a day- to being unable to even sit in a chair, or even bend over the sink to brush my teeth. As you can imagine, I could no longer throw up either due to the pain.

I gained a lot of weight and went through depression, which is where I somehow picked up the book "The Secret". I decided to make my first vision board and put all sorts of crazy dreams on it! 2 years later- I had achieved a lot of those goals, but was still dealing with the back pain and weight gain.

A friend of my told me to try visualization to try healing my back. I scoffed, but I had tried EVERYTHING at that point and was desperate. I started doing guided healing meditations as I fell asleep on YouTube. And quickly, I noticed my back pain subsiding. I stopped talking about or acknowledging the pain and stopped identifying as someone with an injury. Slowly but surely- I recovered 100%.

A surgeon had previously told me to quit my job as a personal trainer and I would never be able to run again. I now own a thriving personal training studio (another item on my vision board!) and just ran my first marathon in 3:53! From there I started applying the visualization and principles to weight loss and shifting my thoughts around my body and food.

I started recognizing the limiting beliefs I had around my struggle with food and my body. Through changing the thoughts, creating affirmations and being consistent- as well as daily visualization- I was effortlessly able to attain my dream body. I was shocked!

tara's transformation journey

From there, I knew I had to share this with the world- so I created my Manifesting Dream Body Program to help women everywhere heal their relationship with food, and attain their dream body in the process. I've learned through multiple vision boards and INCREDIBLE manifestations, we truly can have anything we desire.

The world is limitless and I LOVE creating my own reality.

It truly just keeps getting better and better, and I'm so grateful I found manifestation and the law of attraction!!


Today Tara owns her own business "Manifesting Your Dream Body" and can be reached via her website tarabrunet.com, Instagram @tarabrunetmindset, and podcast Tara Brunet Mindset.


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