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I AM A POWERFUL CREATOR - From 9-5 To Building A Community Of Conscious Babes!

Like so many people, I grew up with a “work hard” mindset and believed that success doesn’t come easy it only comes from the hustle. I used to be so proud of my hard work ethic. Until, I realized there was more to life than working for the weekends, and the “someday this life will be better” belief.

In 2014, I started my first full time job with benefits at a chiropractic and physical therapy office and felt #adultaf.  I really enjoyed that job at first, because there was so much to learn, explore and grow with. I loved connecting with my patients and sharing advice on how to create healthier habits in their lives.  I also would share my passion for coffee and tell everyone in the office where they needed to go for a good cup of coffee.

Over time, I was swept away in the hustle and grind, and realized I was not feeling any fulfillment or purpose in my work, which at that point was what my life revolved around.  The decision to leave my job was initially an internal struggle for me. I knew that it wasn’t what I was made to do in this world, but I continued to stay because of the relationships and sense of responsibility I had for my patient’s healing.

At the end of 2017, I felt a huge shift and knew I was made for more than the 9-5 work-life.  I quit my job so I could discover my purpose.

Leaving my 9-5 job was so liberating.  This was a huge surprise to some people, they had no clue I was so unhappy and unfulfilled with my life because I was good at keeping my personal feelings private.  Most of my life I had conformed to the societal norms and tried really hard to be the person that others expected me to be. Working really hard, juggling a couple of jobs, and being constantly in that hustle mode is what I was used to. But once I left my job I knew that I could work just as hard for myself doing something I was really passionate about. 

At the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do so I tried all the things. What kept coming up during this time was going on coffee dates every week. At first I was just having fun conversations with girlfriends, trying new coffee shops all over the valley and then my friends started inviting their friends.  I loved our morning coffee meet ups because we would share conversation of our passions, our work, and our productive energy with each other. We started talking about how we could support each other, help grow our businesses, and share resources that would help us grow. Thus, Babes & Brews was born!

In 2018, I hustled a lot which wasn’t really a match to what the universe was telling me to do. I had some health issues come up that forced me to slow down and rest for an entire month.  This was such a huge internal struggle for me, but from that pause, I realized that I was working too hard to expand Babes and Brews into something that it wasn’t ready to be. I realized the importance of slowing down and listening to what my body needed.  I always really cared for other people, but when it came to myself, I thought I had to do it all myself and never really allowed myself to rest or pause. I realized I needed to fill my cup first before I could pour my energy into Babes & Brews. I started practicing more grace and self-compassion.

Fast Forward to today…Babes & Brews has been a community for over a year now.  Something that started as coffee with friends has transformed into an exclusive membership for an emPOWERed conscious community that will benefit ambitious women all around the Phoenix area.  This has definitely been a wild journey for me. I struggled with the idea of monetizing it because most of my events were free and just about bringing people together. I had a lot of limiting beliefs thinking that success doesn’t come easy in life and that I had to work hard for it. I finally realized that asking for money is about respecting my own self-worth and understanding the value I contribute to each Babes & Brews experience.

Today I know that cultivating this community is my purpose. That’s why I was given the gift of connection and the ability to hold a safe space for women to connect to their truest self and to connect with others.

Looking back at the past year and a half, I now feel like a powerful creator and I am so grateful that I took that leap. I learned to fill my cup first, and poured my heart into my passion and that is why things are graciously coming together. There are so many people just like myself realizing that the typical lifestyle isn’t serving them anymore. Our awareness of wanting more and being able to serve humanity is naturally igniting more connected communities.

I am super excited for our Babes & Brews membership launch party on this Saturday, August 31st. If you're an ambitious or conscious woman seeking more connection and support for your dreams and passions, this is your invitation to join us!  I will be announcing the exclusive membership opportunities that will be available for the very first time. This celebration will connect you to other powerful creators, an empowered discussion panel of conscious women dropping gold, and so many amazing local women business owners showcasing their passions, brunch and brews (think coffee/tea).  

This launch party will inspire you to take action towards your goals and feel like Powerful Creators every single day.


Steff Smith is the founder of Babes & Brews in Phoenix, Arizona with a vision to create ripples of positive change & human connection throughout the world. She holds a safe space for women feel connected, supported, and aligned in their purpose. Babes & Brews is an organization that creates a welcoming environment where all women can share their passions and collaborate with other empowering women.


You can reach Steff through her Instagram page @azbabes_and_brews. To buy your ticket for the launch party and to see the upcoming events click here!


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