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How The Stories You're Subscribed To Shape Your Life And How To Rewrite Them

Hi Beautiful Soul!


I'm going to share a very powerful metaphor with you this week that has completely changed the game for me. 

Did you know that your life consists of a series of stories that you rehearse and replay in your mind over and over again? Every thought, feeling, action, experience, and opportunity is connected to a story and you are the storyteller. 


Pay attention. Try to be completely honest with yourself and keep an open mind. The stories you tell are there whether you like it or not and reflect like a mirror out into your reality.


The stories don't care about your opinion of the storyline, whether they create pleasure or frustration in your life, or whether you want to admit to yourself that you are telling them in the first place. You can go on in denial for another few years and always wonder why you're experiencing certain patterns in your life. The choice is yours.


But if you're sick and tired of how things have been playing out for you, even if they are not your fault, it's time to hit unsubscribe. 


change your story change your life


Your life is like an email subscription service


The stories you are subscribed to are the stories you continue to live.


Think about your life as a direct reflection of an email subscription service. You're sitting down and given a choice to subscribe to a variety of different emails.


↗️Some of these email subscriptions tell the story of how you feel about yourself and whether you feel confident in any given situation.

↗️Some tell the story of your financial reality, whether you feel anxiety or peace when spending money, how much money you're able to earn, etc.

↗️Some tell the story of your career and what you believe to be possible for you, if you get the promotion you've really wanted, whether you work a job you hate for the rest of your life, etc.

↗️And others tell the story of how you feel about your family and interact with people, whether you find your soulmate, choose to trust people or live in a constant state of fear and worry.


You get the point.


Our lives play out based on the stories we are subscribed to. And there are thousands of these stories playing out in your head every day getting you to feel and act a certain way and attracting experiences and situations that are in direct alignment with your subscriptions. 


So the question really becomes, what stories have you chosen to subscribe to and are these stories serving you or holding you back from experiencing what you really want.


The fun part is that you are always in control of your subscriptions. Just like with any email subscription, you always have the power to click 




It's time to Unsubscribe from the stories that don't serve you.


Ask yourself: 


What are the stories I'm subscribed to right now? What story am I replaying that's creating these patterns or experiences in my life? Based on what I see and experience in my reality right now what story must I be unconsciously telling?  


Here are a few examples I've heard people rehearse and repeat:


🚫Nobody cares about me. ↗️Subscribed to the story that no one cares about you.

(plays out in your life with a pattern of broken relationships. Situations in which you are taken advantage of. Feeling like you're not good enough. Never receiving the recognition you desire at work, from your manager, or friends and family, etc.)



🚫"I have a bad relationship with my mom because she never loved me the way I needed to be loved as a child." ↗️Subscribed to the story that your relationship with mom is always bad and you're not loved

(plays out in your life as a lack of love for yourself. Health issues related to a lack of self-love and feelings of anger. Self-sabotaging relationships with partners. Feelings of unworthiness and not being good enough. Issues trusting others. Situations that support your belief of not being loved.)


It's time to ↗️UNSUBSCRIBE from the stories that don't serve the life you want to live and shift to:



The Empowered ME Subscription

Now that you've uncovered the stories that are running your life it's time to take back your power and tell a different story.
Ask yourself: If things were different right now, what story would I be subscribed to? If this situation was exactly as I wanted it to be what new stories and beliefs would I be telling? How would I feel? 
↗️I choose to subscribe to the story that_______!
Anytime you come across a thought, feeling, or experience that feels off, don't be afraid to question it. Without judgment, observe it with a sense of curiosity and figure out if there is an underlying story you're telling that you're ready to unsubscribe from. Remember, you are in power. No matter what's shown up in your reality until now, you can choose to 
Sending you all the love!
- Saba Shojai
rewrite your story affirmationI know that my reality is a direct reflection of the stories I tell. I AM in power. I AM in control. I choose to unsubscribe from the ones that don't serve me and create a new empowering story to live out.

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