How To Overcome The Pressure To Be Perfect

How To Overcome The Pressure To Be Perfect

Hi Beautiful Soul!


Do you feel like you've placed a lot of pressure on yourself to perform?

I sure do and overcoming perfectionism has been a struggle for me for so long! 😬 And I know so many of you feel that pressure every day.  


The pressure to:

  • Be perfect
  • Look good. 
  • Do good.
  • Fit in.
  • Be viewed in a certain way.
  • Be successful. 
  • Have a well-respected job and career.
  • Make a salary that's approved by others.
  • Be a good woman, student, business owner, employee, friend, wife, mom. 
  • Be somebody.


Sometimes it feels like your life is just a big performance being disected and judged by everyone and their mother. There are ten thousand people staring at you on stage and the thought of you underperforming is like getting boo'ed off stage and people yelling and asking for their money back because the performance sucked. 😵‍💫


The thought of humiliating yourself, being a disappointment, not being good enough, not being loved, or recognized, and ending up a loser IS REAL. And so many of us feel this agonizing fear of making a mistake. So we pressure ourselves into doing more, being more, sprinting more, and becoming somebody we're not just to prove ourselves to the world.


As children we get pressured into getting good grades, get asked who we want to be when we grow up and then told who we are expected to be, receive a metal or sticker only when we perform well, and compliments only for looking our best.


We grow up applying these small, yet very impactful experiences to our adult selves wondering why we can't shake off this lingering fear of never being enough. With more pressure, comes more fear, comes more anxiety. When we don't live up to our own standards or the standards portrayed on social media we think there is something wrong with us.



1. Grab a journal and write down all the ways in which you feel pressured every day. Start your sentence with: 


I feel pressure to ______ . If I don't  ______ I feel like I'm not good enough or I've done something wrong.

❌put lipstick on every morning

❌answer every message/email at work as soon as I receive it

❌say yes when I get asked for help

❌be successful

❌look my best on social media 

❌complete everything on my to-do list.

❌go on vacations that look trendy.



2. This is a journey of self-acceptance


Take a good look at the list you created. Do you realize that anytime these expectations aren't met you feel bad about yourself? Yuk! Where do you even find room to feel good?? 🙈


It's time to practice deep self-acceptance. This time start your sentence with: 

I accept myself for ________. It's perfectly okay to _________.

✅having a bad hair day and running around without makeup. Who cares!

✅ honoring my time and responding to messages after my morning routine. There is no pressure to respond right away. I'm still outstanding.

✅saying no when I get asked for help and it doesn't feel aligned. I don't owe anyone and I'm still a good friend. 

✅not feeling as successful as I thought I would be. There is no pressure for me to be any other way.

✅feel shitty sometimes. There is nothing wrong with me. I don't have to pressure myself into feeling better right away. I don't have to shame myself for feeling bad. Whatever I'm feeling, I'm allowed to feel right now. 



3. Awareness, visual reminders, and affirmations


Observe yourself and your feelings throughout the day. Are there moments when you feel bad about yourself for something that you did or didn't do? 

Stop yourself. Use your everlur bracelet as a visual anchor to redefine the moment. Repeat the affirmation: 


Empowered me weekly affirmation. Take a deep breath and repeat after me.overcoming perfectionism affirmation
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