Our Story - Short


We are Saba and Shokouh, sisters and founders of everlur.

We were born in Esfahan, Iran. Growing up in a suppressed county where women are considered 2nd class citizens we were forced to flee the city to survive the horror of the war, watched our father go through political imprisonment, and other family members get executed by a barbaric government. After our father was released from prison we fled the country and immigrated to Germany in 1994 and to the US twelve years later.

Our family of five was forced to start a brand new life in a new country and squeezed into a 500 sq foot apartment for two years. Growing up, we watched our parents work tirelessly to provide for the family while having to learn a new language and integrate into a new culture.

We were taught that only formal education and hard work would make us successful and that we had to devote our lives to a “respected” profession to become wealthy.

We both obtained our masters degrees and went out to work for corporate America thinking it would bring us more money and happiness. Realizing that our jobs were neither fulfilling us nor willing to pay us the salaries we desired we finally decided to take control of our lives.

We started our own journey to happiness.

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