Our Story

Hi, we are Saba and Shokouh, sisters and founders of everlur - crystal jewelry for manifestation. 

We were born in Iran after the Iranian revolution of 1979. Our parents had spent a few years in the US as grad students and had returned to Iran in hopes of rebuilding the country after the overthrow of the Shah. Once they returned, they realized that the democracy they had been promised was replaced with a religious dictatorship. They started speaking up and became political activists against the regime fighting for freedom and justice. 

In the early 80s the new government ordered the arrest of all political opposition. Our father alongside other family members were arrested as political prisoners fighting for the very freedoms that we get to enjoy here in the US. After five years in captivity, on a very sad and tragic day, twelve of our family members were executed in the prisons of Iran. Overtaken by this tragic loss and hoping for a better future, we left our country, friends, and family to start a new life in Germany.  

We did not have much as new immigrants and lived in a 500 sqft apartment with little money in our pockets and a heart full of hopes and dreams. Our parents always regretted returning to Iran and dreamed about moving to America again one day. After an exceptionally long and costly process of acquiring visas, we immigrated to the US about 12 years later. 

Over the years, we saw our parents start businesses and build our lives back up from zero. They were entrepreneurs and business owners themselves, but we were taught that going to college and working a corporate job was the only secure way to success. Although we are incredibly grateful for the education we received and the experiences we gained along the way, this path was not fulfilling for either of us. We had a different idea of what “success” meant to us.

Oftentimes we talked about starting our own business, but we did not know how and where to start. We had many conversations and brainstorming sessions about what we could do and how we could serve other people. Searching for inspiration and a deeper meaning to life, we started following motivational coaches such as Tony Robbins, Gary V, Les Brown, and spiritual icons such as Esther Hicks. 

We became more spiritually aware of an existence beyond our physical reality. We started studying the law of attraction and manifestation. We became passionate about telling our story and helping others go after their dreams while working to heal our own traumas. Being born in a war zone in the middle east and going through some incredibly hard times taught us just how strong and resilient we can be, and all that we are capable of overcoming!

If we grew up the way we did with the traumas that we suffered and we managed to be where we are today, others could do it too. We wanted to get this message out and empower and motivate others, especially women, to work towards healing and accessing their inner warriors to manifest the life of their dreams. And that is how ‘everlur’ was born. 

We came up with the name everlur because our father comes from the Luri tribe of Iran. The Luris lived an incredibly hard nomadic life in the mountains of Zagros. We wanted to remember where we had come from and to draw strength from the remarkable lives of our parents and ancestors. 

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