Hi, we are Saba and Shokouh, sisters and founders of everlur - crystal jewelry for manifestation.

Over the past 15 years we have manifested things in our lives we once thought were impossible and have made it our obsession to share the magic of healing crystals with you so you can turn your dreams into reality just like we do every single day. 


Growing up our family of 5 went through a lot of hardship and heartache having to immigrate from our birth country of Iran, leaving our extended family behind, starting brand new lives with little money in our pockets, and a tiny 500 sq ft apartment to live in. 

Life seemed impossible at the time and the trauma and limiting beliefs we programmed into our minds throughout our journey could have cost us EVERYTHING we have manifested.

As grown ups we both went on to pursue masters degrees, landed corporate jobs, worked our butts off, only to get a lousy paycheck. We felt completely trapped spending 10 hours a day doing something that wasn’t fulfilling, drowning in self-doubt and disappointment and feeling like we had let ourselves down - which is exactly when our biggest breakthrough happened! 

When will you stop living other people’s dreams and finally go after your own?

What will it take for you to let go of your fears and limiting beliefs and go after those dreams you always thought were impossible to reach? 

We did not want to give up on the thought that there was more to life than what was available to us at the time. 

And so we became students of manifestation, committed to changing our mindset and utilizing the power of intention setting to change our reality. We learned from spiritual icons and coaches such as Tony Robbins, Abraham Hicks, and Manifestation Babe as well as our beautiful crystals who guided us to unleash our hidden potential and adopt beliefs that transformed every aspect of our lives - and with that our biggest mission was born! 

To help people all over the world Transform their lives, going from feeling trapped in their current circumstances to feeling abundant in every aspect of their life. 

We know how it feels to want more out of life. Whether your goal is to prosper financially, become a more healthier version of yourself, or find true love, everlur healing crystal bracelets will give meaning to your intentions and give your energy a direction to travel through. This leads you to take inspired action towards your goals so you can become the most abundant version of yourself. 

We don’t sell jewelry. We give you the power to transform yourself so you can transform the world around you. 


We are so excited that you are joining us on this journey!

Much Love,

Saba & Shokouh

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