Do you want an entire library full of free resources to help you grow, manifest, and completely transform your life? Well, look no further!

This library has all the best manifestation resources you can imagine. We have specifically designed our resources to match your unique needs and desires. We understand that manifestation can be a complex topic difficult to apply to real life situations. This is why it is our obsession to provide you with the right tools to make manifestation easy and effortless no matter what your desires are.

You have the power to be and have anything you want without limitation. With a little help you can make manifestation second nature and use your inner power to transform your life.

Hands writing in a journal and practicing manifestation wearing everlur healing crystal bracelets

Here is What you'll Find Inside the everlur Free Library:

- Most powerful affirmations that apply to your specific desires (to reprogram your subconscious mind).

- Specific "How to" guides on ALL things manifestation. 

- Powerful Journal Prompts to ask your subconscious the right questions.

- Morning & Evening Rituals- Worksheets.

- Monthly manifestation filled emails to keep your mindset high vibe

- Plus so much more.