Big Dreams. Bigger Impact.

A Mission of Love, Community, and Empowerment, one Crystal Bracelet at a Time.

Everlur is a community centered around crystals, conscious manifestation, and empowerment. When everlur was first created in 2019, it all started as a passion project. Selfishly, we just wanted to do something for ourselves that we enjoyed and helped us process our traumatic childhood as immigrants. Helping others was just a by-product.


 Fast forward to today, and everlur is no longer about us at all. It’s become a passion project about us as a community. Our journeys would be too lonely going through them by ourselves and healing and growing on our own. We eventually realized that we weren’t alone in our desire to heal and grow. And neither are you… Our pain, worries, and desire for love and peace don’t stand alone. They stand together. We stand together every step of the way, guided and supported by each other as a team and as a community. 


So in hindsight, the first everlur bracelet we ever created never represented a single journey. It has always been a representation of all the women who have had the courage to stand in their truth and rise together. We want our bracelets to be that daily reminder for you. You’re not alone. You belong right here. And every action you take not only impacts you, but it also impacts the people in your corner, and many more that you’re not aware of. 


Standing alone, we may struggle to move a rock. But together, we can move mountains.


We want you to be a part of the ripple of positive change and know that your investment and dedication to yourself is not just impacting you but the women around you too.


The Impact

For every order placed, everlur donates one rose quartz bracelet to a woman in need of empowerment.


everlur is partnering with local non-profit organizations that help women who have been victims of abuse, sex-trafficking, poverty, and are from underprivileged communities. With every purchase you make, you get to spread your love and create a ripple of positive change. 


  As the customer, you get to leave an empowering personal note that will accompany each bracelet. We are committed to hand-delivering the rose quartz bracelets to have an intentional impact on these women.


  We have partnered with Hope Women’s Center and soon other local non-profit organizations.


 If this mission speaks to you, we invite you to create a bracelet with us today.


In addition to the empowerment bracelets, 20% of ALL SALES from everlur and Abundant Space today, July 10th, will go to benefit the women at HOPE.


 Together, we can do anything!