Whole-Hearted Community Crystal Bracelet

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 A Babes & Brews & Everlur Collaboration:

This Whole-Hearted Community bracelet enhances your sense of belonging, empowerment, love, and strengthens the connection with yourself, with others, and the Divine. The stones in this bracelet symbolize what a whole-hearted community stands for: a safe & brave space of opportunity, where you can be your authentic self aligned with courage, compassion, and integrity.

The healing energies of the Whole-Hearted Community bracelet will empower you to rediscover your authentic self and to embody the confidence and courage to be aligned with your truth. This will open your heart to the vibration of unconditional love for yourself & others, while unleashing your unlimited potential.

Whole-Hearted Affirmations: 

I am aligned with my authentic truth and have the courage to follow my heart.  
I am a Wholehearted Woman with unconditional love for all.

Handcrafted in Arizona 
Stones Used: Amazonite, Howlite, Moonstone
Bead Size: 8 mm natural gemstone beads 
Spacer Beads: non-tarnish Rhodium plated spacer beads, cadmium & lead free, made in USA
everlur Charm: silver plated brass charm
Band Type: durable elastic cord

Because gemstone beads are naturally extracted from the earth shape, size, color, and pattern may vary slightly making each bracelet perfectly unique. 

Custom Order 
If you would like to order your community gemstone bracelet with a gold spacer bead and charm or in a custom sizing, please add your customization to the 'Order Special Instructions' section of the cart.

Stone Details

Amazonite . Howlite . Moonstone

Amazonite opens the heart chakra as a harmonious channel of love, connection, and gratitude. It also activates the throat chakra, empowering you to rediscover and speak your truth, free from judgement & misunderstanding.

Howlite is a stone of wisdom and enlightenment that strengthens your connection to your higher consciousness. The stone’s calming energies also reduce stress, anxiety, and remove blockages so you can express your authenticity. 

Moonstone’s feminine energy cleanses the mind of negativity and promotes inner growth, strength, love, and empowerment. 


  1. Place your community bracelet on your left hand (since your left side is your receiving side) and focus on your particular intention or affirmation. 
  2. Repeat your affirmation 3 times out loud (preferably powerfully with emotion behind your tone). 
  3. Take 2 minutes to visualize what it FEELS like to already have what you desire. Really FEEL and CELEBRATE the achievement. 
  4. Go about your day and use your bracelet as a daily reminder of your specific intention. Every time you notice your bracelet take a deep breath and repeat your affirmation. 
  5. Listen to your intuition and take inspired action towards your goals.

Click here for instructions on how to care for your community crystal bracelet.