Energy Cleanse Crystal Bracelet

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Wear this energy cleanse crystal bracelet to purify your energy of negativity. This healing crystal bracelet will detoxify your system and balance your mind, body, and spirit. This will raise your vibration to the level needed to manifest your desires.

I transform negative energy into love and light. I release my worries and welcome positivity into my life. 

Handcrafted in Arizona
Stones Used: White Jade, Amazonite, Blue Moonstone, Hematite
Bead Size: 8 mm natural gemstone beads
Spacer Beads: non-tarnish Rhodium plated spacer beads, cadmium & lead free, made in USA
everlur Charm: sterling silver plated brass charm
Band Type: durable elastic cord

Because gemstone beads are naturally extracted from the earth shape, size, color, and pattern may vary slightly making each bracelet perfectly unique.

Custom Order
If you would like to order your energy cleanse gemstone bracelet with a gold spacer bead and charm or in a custom sizing, please add your customization to the 'Order Special Instructions' section of the cart.

Stone Details

White Jade . Amazonite . Blue Moonstone . Hematite 

White Jade and Amazonite both have energy cleansing properties that help eliminate feelings of stress and anxiety.

Blue Moonstone is a healing stone that will help you regain your inner balance and support you in overcoming obstacles.

Hematite has the ability to absorb toxic emotions allowing you to go back to your natural state of joy and happiness.


  1. Place your energy cleanse bracelet on your left hand (since your left side is your receiving side) and focus on your particular intention or affirmation. 
  2. Repeat your affirmation 3 times out loud (preferably powerfully with emotion behind your tone). 
  3. Take 2 minutes to visualize what it FEELS like to already have what you desire. Really FEEL and CELEBRATE the achievement. 
  4. Go about your day and use your bracelet as a daily reminder of your specific intention. Every time you notice your bracelet take a deep breath and repeat your affirmation. 
  5. Listen to your intuition and take inspired action towards your goals.

Click here for instructions on how to care for your energy cleanse crystal bracelet. 


Measuring your wrist: 

1) Wrap a measuring tape or a piece of string around your wrist tightly right above the wrist bone for a snug but comfortable fit.

2) Mark where the string meets on your wrist and measure the length against a ruler. This is your wrist size. everlur bracelets are stretchy and will sit comfortably on your wrist. If you prefer a loose fit, size it up.

If you want a custom sized bracelet please send us an email at

Small 15 cm | 5.9 inches
Medium 16 cm | 6.3 inches (fits most)
Large 17 cm | 6.7 inches
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