How Can Spiritual Clothing Help You Manifest Your Dream Life

Manifestation starts with a thought that feels a certain way. The more intense the feeling that's connected to the thought the faster we can manifest our desires into our physical reality.

Positive feelings such as joy, gratitude, and excitement raise our vibration and allow us to tap into our inner guidance system that lead us to new opportunities. 

Our feelings create our destiny. Feeling good leads to positive outcomes in life while negative feelings lower our vibration and lead us into negative life experiences. 

The manifestation of your desires can most effectively be accomplished by indulging in the feeling of already having what you desire and letting go of all expectations as often as you can. For example, if you want to manifest more health into your life you cannot say that you will be happy and joyful once you are healthy. You have to feel happy and joyful now so that health can manifest into your life.


So why spiritual clothing?

When you wear clothing that encourages positive thoughts that make you feel good you can deliberately create and manifest your dream life. 

When my sister and I started everlur we wanted to create spiritual clothing that helps others unleash their power to create magic in their life.

We want you to feel good inside and out by triggering thoughts and feelings of gratitude and joy that remind you of your power to create your own reality regardless of your past or present situation.

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