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What Negative Thinking Does For Us

What Negative Thinking Does For Us

Science has proven that negative thinking is bad for our brain with negative impact on our overall health and well-being as well being the cause of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Unfortunately, it is much easier to think pessimistically and negatively than to think positively. On a subconscious level negativity is a defense mechanism or survival tool. By thinking cautiously and imagining the worst case scenario we protect ourselves from disappointment and devastation. Most people would rather be right than happy.

But what does negativity really do for us? Anticipating bad outcomes helps to create those exact scenarios. It blocks the flow of positive energy and we will attract negative consequences. It also reinforces and reassures our negative thoughts and destroys our confidence and trust in the possibility of better outcomes.

Law of attraction has already taught us that we are co-creators of our own realities. So by focusing on negative things we would be attracting negative outcomes. This definitely doesn't bring sunshine and rainbows into our life.

Here is the beauty is this lengthy explanation of negative thinking: We always have a choice!! We can choose to be right rather than trying and potentially failing. We can choose to protect ourselves from disappointment and devastation but never moving forward in life. OR we can choose to redirect our thoughts towards our dreams, our hopes... an amazing, beautiful, incredible life, but risking to fail, trusting that there is a higher power helping us back up, giving us the strength to push forward, and being grateful for all the wonderful things in our life. Celebrating the small and big victories along the way and learning from our failures.

Which one are you going to choose?

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