What Does Being On A Spiritual Journey Mean To Me?

What Does Being On A Spiritual Journey Mean To Me?

Being on a spiritual journey means so much to me. Three years ago I didn't know half the things I know today and every day since has been an adventure. Time flies when you are having fun.


Everlur hasn’t been just about starting a business or designing shirts or making bracelets. Everlur has been about learning, trusting, and growing. This business has brought so many miracles into my life.


This past year, I have tried so many amazing yet to so many unconventional things:


I tried reiki healing, I had my chakras balanced by a healer, I learned so much about crystal healing, auras, vibration, power of subconscious mind, prayer, mindfulness meditation, kundalini meditation, yoga, I had my heart wall removed via Emotion Code, and most recently I attended a life changing 3 part Breath-work seminar. And there is so much more to explore you guys!!


Being on a spiritual journey has been about entering the dark to see the shadows that are holding me back. Being on this journey means healing, it means finding out who I am and what I am here for.


The honest truth is, putting down the walls and finding our authentic selves takes time, hard work, and gaining the courage to be and live who we are meant to be. Through all the trial and turbulence of being an entrepreneur, the universe has blessed me with so many lessons.


I am forever grateful for being on a road to heal from childhood & adulthood traumas. To peel off all the layers that are holding me back and to see the light that lies within me.

Wrist wearing a stack healing gemstone bead bracelets with rose quartz and moonstone.


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