Moving from Surviving to Thriving in Life

Moving from Surviving to Thriving in Life

Most of us want to thrive in life, but we live in survival mode more often than we would like to admit. There will always be periods of stress in our lives. It is up to us to determine our mindset, how we handle the stressors, and how we treat ourselves during those trying times. Periods of stress call for us to separate our hearts from our minds.

You may think that sounds like nonsense, but there is logic behind that statement. Logic that preserves our wellbeing, emotions, and aides in self-preservation. If we consistently let our heart turmoil over the stressors that our brain has the ability to prioritize, that turmoil will lead to constant inner-chaos. That inner-chaos tends to lead to a long road of letting our situation dictate how we measure our self-worth and create uncertainty. It can be a challenge to find our way off of that road.

The world presents us with professional demands, family obligations, and unexpected events, among many other possible scenarios that have the ability to cause perceived stress. It is our responsibility to not let them determine who we are, keep the chaos from our heart, and to lead with our very capable mind.

Demands will continue to come in from all directions. We need to determine logical steps with our head, set clear boundaries to protect our wellbeing, and teach our hearts that the stress has a place and as long as we prioritize appropriately, our heart can be protected from the turmoil.

Our emotions tend to involve themselves in situations where our logical, rational self should be at the forefront. If we allow emotions to take control of stressful situations, a variety of decisions which may lead to mishaps can occur. One, we don’t objectively step back and look at the situation or the best way to solve the issue which is creating the stressful situation.

This emotional reaction can be cause for the situation going from bad, to worse. This creates more stress and an increased emotional reaction, and the spiral begins. Once the downward spiral begins, so does our negative self-talk. The way in which we perceive ourselves and our value takes a drastic turn for the worst, because we didn’t win the battle with our stressor. Instead, we reacted with pure emotion, limited logic, and made the situation into more of a struggle than the original. For this, we criticize ourselves instead of giving ourselves grace and protecting our hearts.

This isn’t to say we ignore our humanness and become devoid of all emotion, but instead separate the heart from the mind when navigating stressful situations. We are intelligent beings with valid feelings and emotions. Use all of these gifts to make a decision to yield the best possible outcome. Lead with logic and break down the problem at hand in an objective manner. Recognize feelings and emotions around the situation, and decide if they have a place in the decision making process. Many times our feelings do need to be involved, it’s just the extent that we must first figure out.

Make the choice and if it is not successful, recognize the failure, own the feeling around it, and move on. There is no need to allow your heart to get wrapped up in the chaos only to cause a mindset shift that is no longer productive for personal growth. Separate the heart and mind; lead with logic, feel all of the feelings. Life isn't about just surviving, you deserve to thrive.

Forever in Your Corner,

Danielle Noall


About the Author:

Hello! I’m Danielle. I am the Founder and Owner of Find Your Fire Wellness. I think it is important for you to know about my wellness journey before allowing me to assist you on yours.

I started my journey when I recognized that I was experiencing professional burnout. I am currently a Registered Nurse in a leadership position. I have been a nurse for almost 10 years in various specialties and settings. Despite my experience, it took me close to a year to recognize what I was going through, and then act upon it.

Why so long?

I was scared to fail myself in my wellness journey, I was comfortable in my unhappy space because I knew it, and honestly I had a ready to fail mindset.

As I continue my journey through this education, I am focused on offering my clients high quality service which supports their goals. It is work that I truly enjoy and look forward to on a daily basis. I continue to practice as a Registered Nurse, and I now feel as though I lead in a way that is authentic to who I am.

We can excel in our careers and thrive in our personal lives. 


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