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I AM A POWERFUL CREATOR - My Rise From The Dark And How That Lead To A Beautiful Mission!

I remember it like it was yesterday — it was December and I was being evicted from my tiny apartment, I had been fired from my job, and I was headed home for Christmas with $5 in my bank account and no plans for the future. Luckily, a friend of mine was traveling all over Thailand and offered her room to me until I could get back on my feet. While I was going through the motions, I tried to figure out why all of these things were happening TO me, and now I can see that life was happening FOR me. 

Luckily I was able to score a pretty solid job where I actually met my now husband and the man of my dreams. You see, the reason I was such a mess was because I had recently gotten out of an abusive relationship (mentally, emotionally, and physically) and I hated myself. I didn’t want to think about all that I had gone through, so I continued to binge drink my face off until it had taken the best of me. But when I started dating my husband (which took awhile because I didn’t trust a soul) I made a promise to myself and to him to work on ME. I knew I couldn’t live in the dark anymore and I didn’t want to EVER disappoint him. 

A friend of mine had reached out to me about joining this group of women on social media who workout together and support each other throughout not only their wellness journey, but LIFE as well. I feel like it happened at the perfect time because this is everything that I never knew I needed. So I dove in head first — I started eating REAL food, not just greasy bar food. I became a lot more active (because I wasn’t hungover all of the time), my bruises had started to disappear, and I wanted to look in the mirror again. I started to SMILE from the inside and people started to notice. And that’s when I decided I had to spread this lifestyle like wildfire. I made it my mission to help women like me build their lives back up to where we ALL deserve to be — AT THE TOP! 

My life looks a lot different today than it did just a couple of years ago. I married a guy who is able to level up WITH me. We push each other every single day to do the best we can for our two beautiful babies and for ourselves. I made a promise to my girls when they were born that I would do everything humanly possible to live my best life so that I can give them their dream life, and here we are doing our best to provide them with that. 

It’s an absolute gift to think back to that time in my life where I was so broken and lost and to see how far I’ve come since then. I have worked HARD to be where I am today, and NONE of the changes that I made were anything close to easy. I struggled, I fell, I quit A LOT, but I haven’t given up, and I pray everyday that I can continue this life for not only my babies and my husband, but for ME. This life is SUCH a gift that I decided to create my own environment of women like me — those who have STRUGGLED to get to where they are today, but those that never EVER give up. 

We come together (both on social media and in real life) to lift up the women who haven’t found their voices yet. The women who know they need a change, but they have no idea where to go or what to do. The women who feel lost and alone, but don’t have the resources to change their environment. The women who can’t stand to look in the mirror but know that they are MADE FOR MORE. 

Join the self love movement with me — kjohn.fitness@gmail.com (shoot me an email to chat) and together, we can change the world.

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