Alter Ego Vibes And Why You Should Have One - The Empowered ME Explained

Alter Ego Vibes And Why You Should Have One - The Empowered ME Explained

Hi Beautiful Soul!

I know what you're thinking....

"Saba, what is this new - The Empowered ME -  person you've been talking about for the past few weeks?"

If you're a little confused, that's okay. I wanted to give you some time to create your own meaning before I give you mine.



The Empowered ME is the person that completely changed my life - My alter ego.

A few years back, I danced on the NBA Phoenix Suns Hip Hop Squad. On the team, we all received alter ego stage names based on our personalities, so the concept of having an alter ego that I allowed to shine on the court was very familiar. When I stepped out on the dance floor I left Saba behind and saw myself through Saba Fierce!


They were both the same person but one was the nervous version of me who was doubting herself and was afraid to forget the choreography and the other was the badass empowered version of ME that wasn't afraid to dance in front of thousands of cheering fans. She knew who she was and she was not afraid to show it.


The Empowered ME is no different. She is the alter ego that completely changed my life.



The Empowered ME is the alter ego that exists within all of us and wants to empower us to live in integrity with who we really are.


We always have two sides to us. Just like Saba and Saba Fierce,


◼️◾️There used to be a side of me that got major road rage instead of staying calm when I got cut off.

◼️◾️There was a side of me that loved to procrastinate on things.

◼️◾️There was a side of me that liked to pity myself and fall back into a victim mentality.

◼️◾️There was a side of me that was so insecure with herself that she didn't dare to show up and write newsletters to a big audience.

◼️◾️There was a side of me that had a completely different perspective on life and was telling very disempowering stories about her past. 


It's important to note that those sides of you aren't bad or wrong. In fact, they serve a purpose in time and make you into the person that you are today. But it's also important to realize that they may no longer serve you today or the person that you strive to become tomorrow. 


And so I declared: "Enough with that. If these disempowering sides of me exist, there must also be an alter ego side of me that functions the exact opposite way."


After all, like the famous Albert Einstein quote says:


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them


And with that, The Empowered ME alter ego was born.



The Empowered ME came from a realization that I could not change my life and live with joy and fulfillment with the same thinking that I used to create my dissatisfaction.


I could not go on stage and dance in front of thousands with the same mindset that filled me with fear and held me back from trying in the first place.


And the same is true for you.


Whatever you're going through, if you want to feel different, your thoughts and perspectives need to pivot. The stories you repeat over and over again need to be rewritten. Your vocabulary and the words you speak need to be reframed. The actions you choose to take on a daily need to be different. How you respond to situations that bother you need to change. How you feel, perceive, and treat yourself needs to shift.



It's time you tap into your own alter ego that exists within you. I like to call it:


◼️◾️The Empowered ME ◾️◼️


🖤It's the side of ME that chooses to stay calm when I realize I dropped my phone and cracked my screen. 

🖤It's the side of ME that chooses to say no when an opportunity does not align with me out of respect and care for myself.

🖤It's the side of me that chooses to sit with myself every night so I can have the self-awareness that I need to rewrite the stories that don't serve me.

🖤It's the side of me that chooses a different perspective when 100 retail stores say "not right now".


It's The Empowered ME. I've been hearing her voice very loud and clear and I knew it was time to introduce her to this community. 



When people say "What would Jesus do? What would Buddha do? What would a monk do?" I want you to ask yourself:


What would the empowered me alter ego do?


The side of me that knows who she is. That knows her fears and moves forward with courage and bravery. The side of me that believes in herself. The side of me that's so powerful and all-knowing that nothing can get in her way. 


What would The Empowered ME do?


🖤Would she think differently about the situation she's in?

🖤Would she forgive her enemy and act through love instead of seeking revenge?

🖤Would she be gentle, kind, and compassionate with herself when things aren't going her way?

🖤Would she count the blessings in her life rather than the shortcomings? 


Would she? 



My weekly newsletters are here to give you The Empowered ME perspective on life. Getting you to make small shifts that can really change the game for you if you simply allow and implement and keep an open mind. 


I thank you for sticking with me and going on this WILD journey! 


Sending you all the love 💋

xoxo Saba Shojai



weekly affirmationThe empowered me is the alter ego I've always known and I choose to live through now. I choose to see her. Hear her. And shine through her. She is that voice in my heart. That feeling of warmth and safety in my body. And the sense of knowing in my soul. She is the empowered me.

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